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    Juliana Hatfield – My Sister
    Dashboard Confessional – Saints and Sailors
    Death Cab for Cutie – A Movie Script Ending
    Modest Mouse – Polar Opposites
    The Breeders – Do you love me now?
    Sebadoh – Happily Divided
    New Radiant Storm King – Honor Role
    Sleater Kinney – Milkshake and Honey
    Versus – Eskimo
    June of 44 – Recorded Sytax
    Superchunk – Late Century Dream
    Silkworm – Slow hands
    Mike Watt – In the Engine Room
    Rilo Kiley – Science vs. Romance
    Sunny Day Real Estate – Every Shining Time You Arrive
    The Halo Benders – Snowfall
    All-Time Quarterback – Plans Get Complex
    Yo La Tengo – Last Days of Disco
    Pixies – Here Comes Your Man


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    Oh yeah, I forgot this other one..

    Blake Babies – Baby Gets High
    Versus – I love the WB
    Seam – Two is Enough
    Tom Waits – Innocent when you dream
    Tom Waits – I don’t wanna grow up
    Yo La Tengo – Tears are in your eyes
    Cat Power – Nude as the News
    Eleventh Dream Day – Ice Storm
    Mike Watt – Chinese Firedrill
    Pavement – Spit on a Stranger
    Versus – Shangri La
    Blake Babies – Until I almost Died
    Elbow – Any Day Now
    Trail of Dead – How Near How Far
    Blake Babies – Picture Perfect
    Yo La Tengo – You can have it all
    Gomez – In our Gun
    Gomez – Even Song
    June of 44 – Does it heart beat slower

    Somebody stop me.. Please.. This putting songs together is addicting. I may lose my ability to socialize outside the computer.. <img>




    Way cool mix Carl <img>

    June Of 44 is a cool band,I have their Tropics And Meridians album;their lead guy Jeff Mueller used to be in a band called Rodan,who did one album and broke up.Tara Jane O`Neil was the bassist in Rodan,she played the drums on Jason`s songs on Sebadoh`s Bakesale album.
    11th Dream Day is the world`s most underated band,hard to find people who like them,they`ve been around for 20 years,they had a major label incident in the early 90`s,which they were dropped from not selling enough albums,they then just took the band as a hobby and concentrated more on their day jobs.They`re touring soon which is cool cuz they rarely do anymore,I`m hoping on a new album next year.
    Cat Power has a new album coming out soon,can`t wait for that,on Nude As The News,Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth was in the band.
    Versus are fantastic,it`s up in the air if they`re still together or not,they all got side bands on the go,I`m hoping on a new album soon <img>

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