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    Already done:
    Illusions (Cypress Hill)
    All Along The Watchtower
    Severed Lips
    Imagine (John Lennon)
    Get Me
    Stan (Eminem, a Dutch version)

    Have done in the privat of my bedroom:
    You Gave Your Love To Me Softly (Weezer)
    Devotion (Weezer)
    Purest of Pain (Son by Four)

    Going to do:
    Damn I Think I Love (K-Otic, for our Dutch fans on this board!)
    Purest of Pain (better version and publsih it on the internet)

    That’s all for now, but there are so many good songs to be covered, so I’ll quit here.

    Irish Whip


    Randy Jane

    Hi, I have some more songs that I would eventually like to cover, but these are some songs that I/we have covered:
    Silverchair: Faultline
    Nirvana: Dive, Aneurysm, Breed, Sliver, Negative Creep, Rape Me, Pen Cap Chew, Scentless Aprentice, and their version of D7.
    Dinosaur Jr: Out There (havent recorded it yet though)
    Heathcliff theme song
    Kinks: Wild thing (short Hendrix version w/one handed solo[also done on one recording of Dive….accidental, trying to get hair out of my mouth, so I had to]).
    Velvet Underground: Pale Blue Eyes (Hole version).
    Temple of the dog: Hungerstrike.
    Flipper: Sex Bomb. (and maybe Ever).

    Anyway, these are from practices and stuff, if you want to have a tape or whatever of these plus some of our songs too, just let me know, all you have to do is pay for your tapes and shipping, they’re free other than that, we cant sell what isnt ours you know.



    RJ-Wild Thing was by the Troggs,not the Kinks.I like what Hendrix did to it too.
    For a Pavement cover Shady Lane is a good pick,Richard Buckner does a cool version of Here,I like J`s cover of Range Life,I would problably pick that.
    I like the Descendents`s Silly Girl too Tony,Amie by Pure Prairie League is a good choice as well.
    Kris Kristofferson `s Me And Bobby Mcgee was mentioned?,Acetone does a wicked take on his song Borderlord,I would like to cover that.
    A local jazz band here covered SY`s The Diamond Sea if you can imagine that song in a jazz context.
    Spaceboy mentioned Palace Brothers,I would like to cover The Ohio River Boat Song or Horses,which is actually a Mekons song,the guitar solo on the PB version is pretty hard to beat.

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