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    I am interested to know what you guys think of J when he performs live. I have seen J and Dinosaur Jr play 6 times in Melbourne, Australia over the last 8 years. As a massive fan from way back, I don’t go to the shows to be entertained by J’s "sparkling" personality, but rather lose myself in the tunes, but in Melbourne, J always seemed very quiet, dis-interested, stand-offish and struggles to utter two words between tunes.
    I am not sure whether I should be expecting artists to interact with the audience during live shows, and if so – has J let me down ? realising he is not much of an extrovert, I still feel an acknowledgement of the crowd is always a nice gesture. By no means would this deter me from seeing him again when he tours, and the next time and the next…
    Is he like this anywhere else when he performs ? or is he just really bored of the melbourne crowd ? I am interested to find out…



    I have’nt seen him more than once. He didn’t say many words, maybe "thanks", or something like that. I think he seems like the kind of person who really doesn’t feel it necessary to talk too much. I don’t think he is disrespecting the crowd or anything like that, because he seemed to have fun playing the songs. It didn’t look like he played them just because he had to.



    I have to say that I have almost always made a living by standing up in front of others talking. (teaching) I am going through the hoops right now, major hoops, polygraph testing, psychological profiling, drug testing etc. for a job that will require me to speak on demand 24/7 (this is the ultimate Gemini dream) but I could never go up on a stage and perform, that would make me throw up and pass out, I don’t think being able to (or enjoying) performing is the same as being able to (or enjoying) speaking.

    Oh, I forgot I wanted to say those pictures from Central Park are great, if you have not you should check them out, I think they are under Reunion nyc pics/thoughts I just don’t want to go there and say so because I must leave the house now or I will be late.



    At least now he sometimes says SOMETHING. Back in ’88 he used to play a taped "thank you thank you thank you…" after the songs! :D


    "NCDan" wrote:
    At least now he sometimes says SOMETHING. Back in ’88 he used to play a taped "thank you thank you thank you…" after the songs! :D

    Yeah you can hear that in boots from that time.Alot of performers don`t talk in between songs.When Neil Young played here he said nothing until the end.At other shows Neil does talk but for this show he did`nt,I don`t think it was the audience.Some artists talk and talk and maybe too much.



    in the reunion shows I’ve seen (London & Berlin) J was thanking the crowd for cheering quite after each song, not only after one or two songs, which showed me that he really appreciates that we were into what he was doing up there. he’s not a talker, but I think he’s meaning what he’s saying.



    i think he mostly lets the music do the talking … 8)



    It’s the end product delivered to the audience that matters and J has that covered being as good as he is. I saw him and Dinosaur Jr. in ’89 at the 9:30 Club in DC and he didn’t say anything and his hair was in his eyes a lot of the time. I was converted after that. In ’91 in Atlanta at the Cotton Club he was totally different. He said hello to the audience and thanked them several times and smiled a few times. In ’92 I saw them in Atlanta at the Masquerade for the Whatever’s cool With Me tour and they were super good that night. J had a couple of white marshall cabinets I had never seen him use before. They played Let it Ride, They always come, and Pond song which were tunes I had never heard them do live. I think they might have done Don’t when I saw them in 1989. I’ve seen them 5 times in concert and they’ve never said much but the 1991 show was the happiest I hd ever seen J at a concert.



    let it ride in 92? hmmm


    "rambleon" wrote:
    i think he mostly lets the music do the talking … 8)

    exactly. the man needs not say a word.
    the kind of power that is to come out on stage, not say a word, and still blow everyone away.



    j is the cousin it of jamming i think.. he’s always got his hair flying everywhere, and usually covering his face… the guitar is loud and distorted,, awesome! kickass! makes all those b c rich wannabies these days look like shithouse monkies with their tomfoolery.



    J rocked out, hard, in cleveland at least. Yes, hair covering face but back and forth sway to intensify instant moment of sonic guitar blast, looked like he was having too much fun, felt good watching him rock out harder than i could even try to as a fan fifteen yards(meters) away. Blew me away, can’t wait for the DVD…



    Yea when they used to play the "Thank you" machine in between songs, that was awesome! I don’t think he has to say much…I don’t think he is un-interested maybe he just doesn’t have much to say. I’d rather just see him crank out the songs and say nothing then have him standing there talking about bullshit ruining the moment.



    does anyone know who’s idea the "thankyou-thankyou-thankyou" tapes that play between songs on the ‘JayLouMurph’ and ‘FuzzyBlast’ came from?
    usually says J but i gotta feeling its Lou-since he really got more into tapes and stuff later on…
    any light shedders?
    s 8)



    he rocks out.. whatta ya think??? a lot of times he lets his hair fall in his face… he doesnt tdo too much dancing around though cause he’s playing a lot of guitar.. i like it when he gets near his mardshall stack and really puts a kung pow int o the song… 11

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