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    This is the first time I ever joined a fan group so I’m not sure what to expect.

    What inspired me was that I recently re-discovered an album that I loved dearly in my teenage years: the 1987 Release SST release You’re Living All Over Me.

    I think I probably listened to this album literally 100s of times when it came out. Then I found the previous LP with the black and white cover and was blown away again by it. This was back in the 80s where you couldn’t just download anything you wanted to hear. You actually had to visit record shops and sometimes ask the owners to order stuff from the labels for you.

    Amazing how every note and every lyric brings my mind back to a different era when life was much much less complicated than it is now. I know this could get extremely sentimental so I’ll be short.

    I’ve yet to hear anything recorded since “Where You Been”.

    So with a bit of Googling I came across this little forum and thought to check out what being in a fan club is like.

    Now that both J Mascis and myself have grown up another 25 years I can honestly say, with all due respect to the spiritual direction his life has taken, that I’m a fan!



    Welcome to the board!

    What other bands do you like?



    Welcome…Since you have yet to hear anything since “Where you Been”..might I suggest you have some work to do (In a good way 🙂 Jeremiah, he is like the president of our fan club..I’m bowing down now as I type…he has kept this ship upright now for quite a few. I’m wishing you a less complicated life. Compared to 25 years ago my life is much more busy but MUCH less complicated. It’s kinda of fun and coming to Freakscene with my coffee is a nice distraction to man-age-able amount of BS that I must shovel through daily. Peace!



    @Annastefka – Lol. Thanks for your wishes for me to have a less complicated life. Actually, I think my life is pretty uncomplicated but I still appreciate the thought and good vibes. I listened to some of J’s solo acoustic stuff on YouTube and I find it beautiful and honest and from the heart. That’s what I always liked about Dinasour: they can be hard as a thunderbolt and as soft as a rose.

    – Thanks. I wouldn’t know where to start naming other bands that I like. I’m an olda geeza (about 40) and have always been into bands since as long as I can remember. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Sabbath and Cocteau Twins. I also work on a lot of music projects myself although none of my own stuff is my favorite.

    I like a lot of the kirtan albums coming out of the U.S. lately which is kinda indirectly how I came across what J is doing now.



    I like the Cocteau Twins too.Ever since I found Heaven Or Las Vegas in a used book store in 1995.Still my favorite album by them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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