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    I really wanna know what drumkits J has or had (before the fire?)

    I wanna know everything. whcih snare drum, toms, cymbals whatever….

    pics and liks would also be welcome.



    why are j’s hands so big in that picture ???



    thanks for the interview :)

    has anyone a link to J playing drums?



    In the video for Everybody Let’s Me Down, that you can download from Cityslang, J plays drums at the end… 8)

    City Slang

    I’ve seen pics of J drumming with Love As Laughter, I’ll try to find the pics :aliensmile:

    found it, OSX has a great site with tons of J pics, the J pic on drums is pic 1_10A, it’s labelled as J on drums as well so just scroll down & you’ll find it… :wink:

    J on Drums :aliensmile:



    I think the clear ludwig set may have been ruined. Supposedly it was black sabbaths or something at one time. I know George uses a mod orange vistilite kit.



    In this current interview, J talks about playing the drums himself while recording an album:

    The one criticism that consistently came up about Dinosaur Jr was that, as here, it was little more than a front for Mascis’ solo work. Not only did he write everything but he liked to play as many instruments as possible. In particular, drums – tricky when you have a fully paid-up drummer in your band.

    "I like to play the drums myself because I think it’s an important part of the sound. I have worked with drummers and they play something and I try to sing on top of it, but it doesn’t feel right. The guy’s playing it as right as he can, but it’s not the right feeling. I hate doing the same thing over and over again, so I would rather just play them myself and get it down first time.

    "I wouldn’t mind people playing other instruments, but not the drums…"

    there’s a cool still on FreeSoFree.net of J playing drums in the "Everybody lets me down" video (you can also download the video there in good quality)


    penis tree

    Whatever he uses, I have a better sounding kit.

    Man, I’m an arrogant bastard.



    He banged the hell out of my "ringo" set when he stayed overnight and then early the next morning…KACHUNGACHUNGACHUNCACHUNGA. did you want to know this?

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