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    K7 Rides Again

    what’s up everyone (i know i haven’t posted in a while)? just reading through the fav. lyrics section and noticed a bit of uncertainty about THE LUNG lyrics. it is one of my fav. songs (one of the few i can play) but what i’m really wondering is what THE LUNG lyrics mean to you all. I’ve been listening to this song for seven years now and to tell the truth…I have absolutely no idea what those lines really mean. I just always faded into the guitar and just thought of the vocals as some sort of lyrical ad-in so it wasn’t a complete instrumental. So…members of the BBS, what do you think they mean?

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    K7 Rides Again

    right on! like the insight…sounds like a very justifiable explanation to me. how ’bout everyone else…would like others input as well since we all can interpret the same things in many ways [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

    If your using gravel as your base it shouldn’t be much of a problem. If using larger stone, you may want to put down some sort of canvassing/matting material down first so you don’t lose all your dirt to filtering/run-off. Having your dirt hauled in? If not and you’re backfilling from stuff you’re digging up ( you have that nice red super-clay crap there don’t you) don’t forget to add peat/ or chipped mulch into the mix to help amend your top soil. Do a final grade (leveling). If you can, go with sod (can be expensive depending on the size of the area) and water the hell out of it. Instant green effect and with luck will root within 2-3 weeks and is cuttable shortly there after. If hand/ cart spreading seed I highly suggest then covering with penn mulch (once again, depending on area might not be feasable). Rain causes it to expand creating an excellent growing medium for young sprouts and it delivers the proper fertilizer ratio to the little guys while preventing seed loss to run-off and our feathered friends. (penn mulch works especially well if your growing seed on slopes where erosion could be a problem) Straw always works too. once it’s all established should be trouble free.
    Any questions about landscaping feel free to ask [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img] sorry if this isn’t too clear. it’s late on top of a fifteen hour day topped by a twelve hour one (f*ck*n deadlines) (2nd edit)

    Let’s see…I believe I said "a million points to whoever can figure out that jumbled mess" so if you can type what is said during RAISINS…this bud’s for you (whatever you preference may be) [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]
    Adios (not only did I pick up landscaping this summer but a little spanish too)

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    What I think the lyric’s are… and what I think about them is this… "Nowhere to collapse the lung, breathes the doubt in everyone." You could look at it from a ton of different perspectives, that’s what so deep lyrically about Dinosaur. Life, it’s just life. Time comes to mind. Something akward maybe. Perhaps people, with their frantic exhaustion, it’s just their/our way. It’s a spinning top that believes it’s out of control as it wobbles it’s self to a stop! But the meaning I’m pretty certain is actually very profound and eludes not just us but the lyrist himself.



    It`s an unusual song,it`s mostly instrumental and just that one verse.I think it`s one of the best songs J ever did.If it is about society,the doubt of living in this era and where we`re going in the future.We live in a world of hatred,war,dishonesty,greed,etc but of course that has always been here since the dawn of man.The lung might be a metaphor for society and the doubt we all feel everyday.
    That`s the best I can think up about it.



    Yeah I wondered about that in "Raisins" too.
    "In A Jar" has some of it too,like at the part the guitar solo ends,Lou was listed as using tapes so I guess that`s what it is.



    Lou was an orderly at a nursing home and he recorded some old dude. check it out

    CM: Who’s the old woman yelling at you on the second side of "The Freed Man"?
    LOU:- I used to he an orderly at a nursing home and I taped everybody and she’s this woman who hated me – just hated me! And I used to tape her.
    CM: That’s where you recorded the piece in the middle of "In A Jar", right?
    LOU: Yeh, that was a guy who was being washed in a swirling bath and was senile so he was Convinced he was dying so he was screaming so I exploited it to its
    fullest and put it in a song.

    "I’m drowning I’m drowning"
    this is probably the most valuable interview I’ve ever read as to what was really going on in Dinosaur Jr or what J is really like (unless Lou was unfairly bashing him)
    I think tapes refers more to poledo which was made with two tape recorders.

    The movie you were thinking of was probably taxi driver "i’ll kill you, i’ll kill you, crazy son of a bitch"

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    "deepsIush " wrote:
    I have a theory.

    Is it a conspiracy theory? Regardless, let’s have it, man!

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