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    I’ve seen J and the guys at least 4 times over the last 8 yrs and this just seems like an odd combo in my view. In my opinion genre wise they seem to not have much in common. I realize that everyone’s has the right dig whatever they want, but these guys sound like the retarded offspring of Scott Walker and the front man from Of Montreal. I guess I’m just nostalgic for the days when they had bands that rocked the shit outta the audiences’ balls (ie.dead meadow, preistess, off!, and fucked up). Not sure if I’m alone here but I just thought I’d get up on my little soap box and jive a little. Check out the link, does this sound like a band you would ever associate with the sonic attack of Dinosaur?



    I will jump on this bandwagon with you. These guys sound dreadful. I’m pretty sure this is EXACTLY the kind of crap that Scott Walker would like. In fact, I’ll probably see him at the show in Madison with his head up his ass. Insert any and all adjectives for horrible, cheesy, wimpy, synthesizer laden garbage here…



    I’m going to delve into their discography and see if there’s anything worth looking at… After all, the main guys are from Okkervil River, who may not be sonically aggressive, but are damned good.



    I actually saw Shearwater a few years ago as part of the Matador at 21 Festival. Live they were very boring. Definitely wasn’t my thing.

    I’ve since listened to a few of their songs (mostly stuff from the record they put out in 2010), and they aren’t bad, but just boring and hardly my particular taste. They’re weird as an opener for Dinosaur, since it’s a totally different type of vibe.

    I would hate to speculate and create false rumors, but I wonder if he did this as a favor to Megan Jasper or something, since Shearwater is a Sub Pop band….






    Not the best pairing but Jagjaguwar is a pretty mellow label. Does any band on their roster really pair with Dinosaur Jr?



    It would be a better pairing if Dinosaur sounded like this




    Just saw them open up for Dino on Monday night in Flagstaff. They really don’t fit Dino’s style in my opinion, but they have a good atmosphere. They’re really good at bringing up and breaking down a mood and are talented. My friend really liked them. But, i don’t care too much for the way he sings; sounds a lot like a mixture of Morrissey and Kings of Leon (I don’t like either of those groups), and the synth got really boring. The drummer was way too into the performance and was shushing people in the audience. I laughed a little bit too hard when he did that. But, still. It was a decent performance. Dino were amazing as well. They played pretty much everything that I wanted to hear besides Thumb. Something off of Whatever’s Cool With Me would have been really rad, but whatever. Best show of my life.



    I had heard some of their songs in the past and it wasn’t my style. However I got to the show tonight in time to see their last couple of songs and they finished with a cover of R.E.M.’s “These Days” that was really good and I’m glad I caught it.



    I liked Shearwater very much. I thought they put on a really good show and Dinosaur stepped up their open act significantly.



    Shearwater – doubt they will tour them with the uk so will check out YouTube -full album is on there!…..
    Last few times I’ve see J / Dino etc I don’t think they have had an opening act ? Or I missed them.
    The only “good” one I can remember was modey lemon

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:


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