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    dinoSwerve jr.

    Hello, I don’t get much time to find new good bands, perhaps some folk here can turn me onto new good stuff. The stuff I love and formed my basis for listening to music is:
    Dinosaur jr.

    Those are the big 2, other influences are:
    Sonic Youth
    My Bloody Valentine
    The Swirlies

    The only new stuff I’ve heard that I like is:
    Broken Social Scene
    a few Doves tunes

    Is there anything new that has that classic Dj wall of guitar sound or the fuel injected swervines of Swervedriver?



    Lightning Bolt
    Dead Meadow




    There`s not much going on these days so go back to the late `80s and early `90s and you`ll find some good stuff like…

    St Johnny-think Dino meets Pavement.Try to find their Speed Is Dreaming album

    Eleventh Dream Day-think along the lines of Neil Young/Television/X/Velvet Underground.Lots of guitar solos and off kilter male/female harmonies.Try to find their Lived To tell and El Moodio albums for starters.

    Bailter Space-like MBV and Swervedriver with some Jesus And Mary Chain thrown in.Try to find their Robot World album.

    Seam-understated vocals and awesome guitar sounds.Try to find their The Problem With Me album.


    dinoSwerve jr.

    Thanx, but why do you suppose nothing is going on these days as far as that type of music is concerned? I figured there would be someone, somewhere?



    You could look thru the best of 05 lists that our members did…


    I don`t know,I don`t seem to hear stuff that gets me goin like in the old days.Maybe it`s just old age :D Back in `93 I could go in a record store and see tons of stuff I wanted to buy;nowadays it`s not like that at all.



    Oh yeah I forgot,Pandora is a good site to use to check out these bands…


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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