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    Have some musicians talking about their life changing album,been wanting to post this for awhile:
    Jay Bentley(Bad Religion)-"I`ve got my Kiss Alive! one,Never Mind The Bollocks,the Dickies`s White Album…Those 3 things in a row were what brought me to LA punk rock.Then I got into Black Flag,The Germs,all those bands".

    Fred Schnieder(B 52`s)-"I`m from the era when singles happened.Top 40 meant you`d hear 40 diffrent songs.But I guess The Beatles,the white album;it was just so avant garde and out there.It was just,all right!This is diffrent,really sonically intense".

    Grant Lee Phillips(Grant Lee Buffalo)-"Early on,Johnny Cash`s At San Quentin and At Fulsom Prison,He was problably the greatest icon that I can remember as a child,this dark,mysterious figure singing these tales drenched in reverb and performing for a crowd of prisoners.That`s pretty enticing".

    Mike Watt(Minutemen/Firehose)-"The Who`s Live At Leeds,when I was a kid,because you could hear the bass.I did`nt know what bass was…but on Live At Leeds,you could really hear that bass.That record-it was`nt a record actually;it was an 8 track-was just a mind blower,a really intense record for me".

    Victoria Williams-Joni Mitchell-Blue.I listened to Blue once for months at a time.It`s so real,I felt that she was totally giving.It`s a very giving record.She shared a lot on that record.

    Jeff Tweedy(Uncle Tupelo/Wilco)-Nick Drake-Pink Moon.I listened to that record alot.It made me a lot more interested in being able to write songs that were not just what you could play on an acoustic guitar but could stand on their own as an acoustic guitar and vocal.I don`t think there`s many records that achieve that as well as Pink Moon.Also just how interesting the arrangements are,considering there is no arrangements;it`s all just vocal and acoustic guitar".

    Perry Farrell(Jane`s Addiction/Porno For Pyros)-The Stooges,Fun House.It`s just such an inescapable sound.You could tell they were being spontaneous while being taped-which was what made me realize it would be cool to make records.I could hear Iggy improvising while he was playing,and the same with the soloists.It was the sound of the record too.Devastating.You followed the guitar as it snaked through all this noise,and it really led you somewhere.At the same time,it was romantic-definitely as wild as youth gets".

    post more of these another time.

    What is your life changing album?

    Here`s mine:
    Miles Davis-Kind Of Blue.I was listening to jazz for a few months before I bought this,this was THE jazz album of all time,What made it so great was the band,John Coltrane,Cannonball Adderley,and Bill Evans all playing with Miles is pretty amazing.All those guys cut alot of great records on their own,I think the respect for each other is what worked.The songs were`nt fast,they were mid tempo or slow,definitely a late night quality to it,like it was recorded at 2 AM.


    buckingham rabbit

    i don’t know if i can say that any album actuallly changed my life. but, with that in mind:

    crooked rain, crooked rain by pavement. when this came out and i saw the video for ‘cut your hair’, i just thought ‘holy shit’. here were a bunch of guys that were just normal guys, at least in comparison to most rock star types. its like i could have been in this band. plus, the video was awesome, the song is awesome, and the album is awesome. even now this album is regarded as a classic, so its the first album of that stature that i have followed all the way. its weird when i hear people say they just got into that album recently or a few years ago because it has been a big part of my life (relatively speaking) since it came out. the first show i even ever went to was pavement on their tour for this album. i have no musical talent, so nothing has changed my life in that way.



    This is kinda embarrasing, but Barenaked Ladie’s Stunt album changed my life, it was the first "rock" album I ever owned.



    Hey SG,

    Yeah I agree with BR, this is almost as hard as limiting myself to ten bands that influenced my music experience <img>

    So I will just say the 1st album by The Ramones/Stooges/Stones/Damned/Heartbreakers <img>

    Actually the 1st Ramones will have to be my choice…for now

    Allison <img>



    Pavement -Slanted And Enchanted
    reason: if hearts could paint their lifes with music this is how it would sound.



    Dinosaur Jr. – Where You Been. Nirvana’s Nevermind had already made a lasting impression, but Where You Been really opened my eyes. Who knew that music could be this good?



    BR and Robert-Crooked Rain was a amazing album,it was my fav album for 94,I bought Slanted a few weeks afterward,I`m still not sure what album is better,its pretty much a tie.
    Allison-Bob Mould said the first Ramones album was his life changing record.
    Tony-I think music does have that power even though it seems over the last few years I have`nt been excited over things as much as in the past,maybe I`m just getting old.
    Jasper-Where You Been was the first Dino album I bought plus the first album I bought in the punk/indie genre.Nevermind changed alot of lives and gave exposure to a music that alot of people did`nt know about.Nirvana was`nt life changing to me because I already heard of Sonic Youth and the Pixies before Nirvana became big.



    Malcom-don`t feel embarressed about mentioning the BNL,if that`s the album that was life changing for you,then cool.I could easily mentioned early Genesis,I used to listen to them alot before I got into blues and jazz,kinda embarressing to mention but I can`t change it.



    The album that changed my life was youre livin all over me by Dinosaur Jr

    i heard it and played it over and over and over again till i the cd died from wear and i had to buy it again



    I agree about the power of music deal, definitely changed the direction of my life in any number of ways. Not saying I define myself by the music I like, just that it did open up a whole new world of music, friends, situations/opportunities.

    Bob Mould said The Ramones was a life changing thing for him <img>

    Allison <img>



    dj spooky’s ‘necropolis.’
    the subtle empty jazz of modem chirps. was the first album to show me that music is just sound and silence arranged in space. might’ve had something to do with the fact that i was reading the ‘i ching’ at the time….

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