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    I was looking over that tour schedule again this morning and I saw something that really struck me. Starting from the Florida show 8 days in a row with the Central Park show at the end of that week. Central Florida to Atlanta 8 1/2 to 9 hours. :shock: then from Atlanta to Norfolk, VA in one night, thats over 9 hours. :shock: Then turn around and go back down South to NC then all the way up to Washington, DC. I sure hope those guys are travelling in some sort of delux accommodation with comfortable sleeping arrangements. (i.e. A big ass bus)
    Because thats going to be a lot of sleeping on the road. Then again, perhaps they are planning on travelling in a smaller vehicle and will just tough it out for a short time.

    My husband (Leo with moon in Sag.) a double fire sign, just drove us up to near Norfolk in one day, I hated it, he likes to get where he needs to be
    in one run, He kept telling me SLEEP, I CAN’T SLEEP IN A CAR with a driver I know is tired but fueled up on a personal mission to to drive futher and faster than men who have gone before him.

    Does anyone have an opinion on that kind of driving, remember they must be heading out on the road around 3AM.

    I think it was easier when I was 20 something.



    Yeah the tour really is all over the place.

    Its gonna be so tough for me to go from Massachusetts to DC (prolly 6+ hours) on the 11th then back to Mass for the Pearl Street Show on the 12th then to Philly on the 13th, then back to Mass to get my friend john, then to New York for central park on the 14th, and the Back to Mass for the Boston Show on the 15th.

    Ill do it though, and itll be the best week of my life. Still dont have a plan. Don’t know if i should just drive everywhere or what. I was thinking it might be best NOt to drive to DC since its the farthest show and the first show im going to. Thats the only one im traveling to alone also. I dunno. I should prolly get planning though.



    yeah … i was thinking the tour schedule looked a bit punishing … especially the dc/mass/philly bit … :shock:

    dc to northampton would take at least 8 hours and that’s without much traffic … then to jump in the car (van? :wink: ) the next day + get back down to philly just seems a bit too much … :shock: :o :shock:

    tired people can be cranky people and seeing as how they’ve just about patched up their differences, i hope the travelling strain doesn’t get to be too much and those tensions from the past don’t pop up again :| :!:

    i hope you have a great time kracked873 … wish i could be there too … sounds like a fantastic adventure …



    the Euro schedule is a zig-zag trip as well.
    Holland, London, North Germany, South Germany, East Germany, Holland again. each route is several hours to drive.



    was JIMI’s tour manager in charge of these dates?
    sounds alot like ’68-’69:
    SanFran-Quebec-Texas-Europe-KansasCity, etc.
    (not true dates but similar :(
    s 8)

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