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    The show in wellington was very cool- my very first time I saw J. I was way up front so j was only about 3 metres away from me. For What I can remember he played the following songs: Freak scene, Keeblin, Little fury things, Get me, Ammaring, Alone (very long Solo and his usual falsetto), sameday, Wagon, thumb, not you again, just like heaven, repulsion, Set us free, thats how its gotta be, every body lets me down and a weird the lung/throw down mixed together kind of thing. All played on accoustic with bursts of his distortion pedal. I also got him to sign my YLAOM vinyl and I managed to grab one of his picks he used. One thing I discovered about J Mascis is that he is kinda unfriendly. I knew he was shy, untalkative and slack but I did’nt know he would be that bad. He ignored us completely, he looked very unhappy and seemed kinda hostile. I thought J would at least appreciate his fans and know that we have feelings too. When I asked him to sign my YLAOM vinyl he sort of had a "FUCK OFF" look on his face. He seemed really disturbed. I thought he was very scary. Is he always like this ?. Anyway, a very cool show and I will see him again if I get the chance. I also took a fuck load of pics. I will try and upload them so you guys can see how scary it was to stand so close to a musician that thinks there’s something wrong with being his fan.



    hey mjw666, thanks for the fine review – great that you manged to take these pics, would be really nice to have a look :!: :)

    J & autographs… after the acoustic show in Berlin in 2001 he came out to sign stuff, he signed everything patiently, even a girl’s wrist, talked & didn’t feel uncomfortable, only a bit reserved. After the acoustic gig in Hamburg 2002 he disappeared quite fast after only a bit of signing, and didn’t feel too well with those requests.
    Like I read here, he didn’t even come out for signing after every show, and before a show he doesn’t seem to like giving autographs at all…

    hey, hope you don’t let the frustration spoil the great event :? – you’ve got your rare record signed, so now it’s even rarer with the autograph, congrats on that :D :!:



    So it was a little medley, I though it was the lung and then throwdown
    I thought that was very cool
    Anmaring was really great
    I got my friend to take a photo of me and J when i got something signed, pretty funny he’s showing a facial expression.

    Glad to hear Little Furry Things getting such a big reaction , having not been a fan back in those days I didn’t know that song had a big following, it definitely deserved it



    I’d love to see these photos! let me know if u want some where to put em on the web.
    I thought about taking one with me in it in the crowd and J behind me.
    i put a couple of pix at
    Apparently J was really talkataive on Troy Ferguson’s rock n roll wire on hopefully will have a download of it soon. email them and ask for it!



    Thanks for the tip on that radio show, will definitely make a request :aliensmile:

    Nice pics you have up at, appreciate the link :!:

    We also have space here for pics, have some great pics from the Corner Hotel in Melbourne, would be nice to add some pics of fans with J to our album. You need to be registered & logged in to view all the pics…well worth the trouble :wink:

    FreakScene Album :mrgreen:



    amplifier is temporarily down! I’ll post here if they make the interview available.



    I’d really like to hear it :!: …hopefully the site will be up again, soon :?
    thanks for keeping us informed, drift :)

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