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    well, i guess this is old news now, but as per this website, j was the guest dj for PRA on the 29th of april …

    did this happen ? did anyone go ? are there any flies on this man ? :D



    good question, I haven’t haerd of that event before! :?


    Bucky Ramone

    Even older news from the Boston Globe:

    Aerobics gets punked; Brudnoy gets a beret; Bon Jovi gets Belichick
    By Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan, 2/9/2004

    NEVER MIND THE BUTTOCKS Beer swilling is not what you expect at a book signing, but then "Punk Rock Aerobics" is a different sort of book. Described by authors Maura Jasper and Hilken Mancini as "the love child of Richard Simmons and Richard Hell," "Punk Rock Aerobics" is a workout regime for folks who prefer X-Ray Spex to Spandex. (Exercises include a leg lifter called "the fire hydrant" and the self-explanatory "face down butt lift.") At a raucous book party Saturday night at ZuZu!, singer Mary Timony, guitarist J. Mascis, and Mission of Burma bassist Clint Conley did the celebrity DJ thing, spinning their favorite 7-inches while scenesters Jasper and Mancini mingled with, among others, Chris Brokaw of Consonant, Upper Crusty Dave Fredette, Tara McManus of Mr. Airplane Man, Heavy Stud’s Melissa Gibbs, the Gentlemen’s Ed Valauskas, and former Bosstone Nate Alpert. Mascis, the former Dinosaur Jr. frontman, took his DJ duties seriously, even wearing an Adidas warm-up jacket a la the late Jam Master Jay. "I thought it was a nice touch," he said, pulling a Public Image Ltd. single from its sleeve. Asked if he actually does aerobics, Mascis just smiled. "Nah, I do yoga." Conley, who is pictured in the book doing a move called "the biceptual," doesn’t have much time to work out these days. In May, Mission of Burma will release its first new record in more than 20 years. "Most people have the good sense not to act out their midlife crisis in public," he said. We wanted someone to demonstrate a "puss-up," but everyone was too busy practicing the pint lifter. :lol: :lol: :lol:



    yeah, it’s weird b/c i’ve been keeping my eye on the pra website + they’re not always up-to-date w/news or pix or anything ! :o :D

    … i was hoping for some pix of their book release party or at least a pic of j on their guest dj page … but still there’s nothing …

    i even signed up to their (e)mailing list, but i’ve never received 1 news bulletin from them … i guess they’re busy doing other things … :roll:

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