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    we have got a new member from Noway, the land of oil..

    welcome Heksa Tove..




    Norway that is… :lol:



    glad to see that the soulseek chatroom persuasion has worked and that you’ve finally joined us heksa! Welcome! :D



    yeah, hello heksa dove!
    definitely great to see cool people from the soulseek chatroom coming over here! :D :mrgreen:


    [size size=9px][edit: brief explanation for those who don’t know soulseek, it’s a file sharing platform, and there are also chatrooms, our chatroom there is called Dinosaur Jr 101, would be pleasing to meet you all there!][/size]




    I went to school with a guy from Norway.
    His favorite things were Aquavit (sp?)
    Fishball Soup
    and he had such a sense of humor!

    Like after a few drinks he would find a pretty girl and tell her "I would like to take a peek at your vag-gee-na, it sounds like Teena, the girls would smile and say "excuse me, I’m so sorry, what did you say" He would then say "Oh, nevermind, you will probably say no" This joke went on for 4 years and we never tired of it.

    He lives in Oslo now has three children so I take it he has had a few peeks at her Va-gee-na.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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