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    Lots of great stuff as usual and some great gear talk


    I talk w/j about the equipment he’s using, what’s outfitting his "chamber" on stage – I say that cuz of how it’s arranged – same place where my amp goes when missingmen play is where he stands… he tells me he’s got one victoria 80212 tweed 1958-59 era fender twin clone firing right at his right temple from atop his effects bay case – actually there’s a head-only version on the deck and it’s hooked up the combo’s speakers (the combo amp not being used) and then behind him in slight semi-circle starting stage-starboard is a hiwatt dr-103 100 watt driving new slant plexi-reissue cab atop a straight one, next to that is a marshall super pa plexi 100 watt driving top 4×12 slant cab (maybe from the scorpions band, he says – maybe?) w/a reissue plexi straight 4×12 cab on the bottom and finally next to that a marshall super bass plexi 100 watt driving two recovered purple early 70s 4×12 marshall cabs (one slant, one straight). by the way, lou’s using a mark bass amp through a svt 8×10 cab and a mid to late 80s marshall jcm 800 2210 amp through a 4×12 marshall slab cab atop its case. I do this for folks always asking me about j stuff. I’ll find about the dinosaur instrument stuff themselves tomorrow, murph’s drums too. you know about mine, right? 1965 gibson eb-0 w/lindy fralin pickups, original mudbucker removed (the dan bass) through my eden stack: naviagtor wp100 preamp to wt1250 stereo amp w/each giving 430 watt rms to a d410xlt cab for 8×10 of ported punch and POW! you can even tell which notes I’m trying to play which means it don’t forgive clams w/muddy mystery! tom’s using the j mascis model fender jazzmaster I gave him through a early 70s fender twin sitting on top of road case cover he just got for it and raul’s playing a ludwig bonham style silver sparkle kit I gave him last year. ok, that’s some gear talk!
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