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    What do folks think about the Watch the Corners video?

    I think it’s really well done, funny, tightly edited, lots of great details.

    Jeremiah’s pixelated Tarpit video must’ve struck a chord somewhere….

    My 12 year-old watched it and asked, “Is that guy her dad or her boyfriend?” Ha.

    Great angry dad sequence at the end, reminded me of an overheard conversation at a Dinosaur Jr show at the Fillmore last winter–

    ‘Do you like mayonnaise?’


    ‘Then you’re a hick’

    and of Raymond Pettibon’s “Father’s of Daughters” published in Weirdo years ago:



    HA! I forgot about that video 🙂

    I thought it was very well done too. The only thing I did not like was that Murph as the store manager was cut out or I have not spotted it but that is just a small detail. 😛



    btw. I am still laughing at that hick quote. As odd as it is, I’ve heard someone else say the same thing 🙂



    Honestly, I don’t really like any of the dinosaur jr videos apart from feel the pain and over it …. When I watch the rest I’m worried someone has put acid in my tea as they freak me out……. I guess thats a cool thing for some people.

    Watch the corners is like a all American rejects video … Still the song is about as good as it gets so if it was a black screen for 4 mins then I wouldn’t really mind 🙂

    -wait as anyone ever made a blank music video ??? I want a credit if this is used now ha ha




    Right on Empire2, although “I don’t wanna go there” and “Almost Ready” aren’t that bad.

    I think the video is great. Telling a common tale of suburban life. Sure it’s exaggerated, but I think I’ve seen this happen before more than once.

    Love Hybridge’s kid’s question. I thought I was the only one. I had to rewind the first bit to identify who the guy was dropping off the girl, her boyfriend or her dad. The kiss was a bit awkward.

    I guess the director is trying to tell Murph to stick to drums by cutting him out. Too bad, I was looking for him too.



    Obsequio– it wasn’t clear to me either the first time I watched it, so I was psyched my kid noticed the blurriness there, as the dad/jealous boyfriend ambiguity is part of the storyline. My kid came home from school feeling stupid after having difficulty understanding a Robert Frost poem in her 8th grade English class, so I told her about how poems are compressed, precise language, and like a good movie or video, what’s there is condensed and intentional, that you just have to interpret/unpack what’s there.

    I played her the Watch the Corners video and asked her what she thought of the scene where the dad is making his model airplanes while his daughter picks at her dinner and she said she didn’t know. I asked, ‘Well, who builds model airplanes?’ and she said, “A kid.” I asked what’s that say about the dad and she said, ‘He’s like a big kid.’ I’m like, right, now go do that with Frost’s “Bereft.”

    Empire2, are they really all American rejects? I thought they’re all pretty sympathetic characters, but maybe that’s because I like mayonnaise. 🙂 It’s family life, first jobs, LA palm trees and concrete, teen angst, bad boys, rocknroll, good times, bad times, you know I’ve had my share, etc. Tim Heidecker is great in this.

    If you want to look at a video of blacknuss while listening to a song, check this out:

    The bass part at the beginning reminds me a bit of the guitar intro in Almost Fare.



    I just thought it was like an all American rejects (the band) video or a jimmy eat world video , bit cliched , but hey ! Just me .

    FYI- I like mayonnaise to 🙂



    What do folks think about the Watch the Corners video?

    I thought it was the best one yet. Maybe, because it only includes dino on the tv. I can’t be shameful of J because he gets no good acting roles other than his videos. Or dissful. Whatever I mean. In fact I don’t even remember Cecil.

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