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    J’s been nominated by BBC 6 as one of the best guitarists of the last 30 years.
    Voting is open until the public until April 1.

    Details here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/events/theaxefactor/


    Yeah Right

    I voted on this a while back. Was glad to see Thurston, Bob Mould and Kevin Shields on there too. On the one hand you’d think they’d do well being undeniably better than the vast majority of the list (Noel Gallagher? Really?!) but I wouldn’t hold out to much hope of the BBCs audience voting for which of those are the best guitarist as opposed to which is their favourite celebrity.


    King Tubby

    Can’t believe Curt Kirkwood isn’t on that list.

    Those lists are mainly popularity contests, anyway. Cobain is on every "Best Guitarist" list, which is a joke. However fine a songwriter and singer he was, his guitar playing (and sound) was below average.



    Its quite a cool list! strange not to see any of the ‘thrash’ guys on there!
    I mean you can’t really call it the axe factor and not have kerry king, dave mustaine or dimebag darrell in there.

    Or the great yngwie malmsteen :D – Not sure why I just thought of him…….. Dude can play a guitar though, even if the music is as bad as the hair

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIQosjGs3VA qIQosjGs3VA


    Yeah Right
    "empire2" wrote:
    Or the great yngwie malmsteen

    I guess you get to a point when you buy two identical $50,000 watches just to wear one on each wrist that you don’t really need BBC polls any more.



    No Porl Thompson from The Cure & Page/Plant ?, he’s gotta be one of the best guys to come out of the UK the past 30 years…

    There’s some real shit on that list… Billy fucking Corgan, Kurt Cobain or Noel Gallagher one of the greatest guitarist in the last 30 years !?!?!?!, that’s just ridiculous ! haha




    I can’t argue to much with that, Blood sugar sex magic is epic and what was he like 20??
    Quite a nice suprise in that poll! shame radio 6 is being axed.(maybe)


    Yeah Right

    That top ten was a joke; Jack White, Kirk Hammet, Matt Bellamy and even Slash? (Slash?!) Before Mascis or Thurston? I know it was obviously going to be the case, but still a little disappointed to see the results roll out as a popularity contest.

    "Vote for the guitarist whose band you like from the last 30 years"

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