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    Volume still at upper limit with Dinosaur Jr. circa 2005
    By Jim Harrington, CONTRIBUTORÂ

    DINOSAUR JR. is back and that can only mean one thing:

    We’re not just talking about the type that makes a parent holler up the stairs, "Hey, turn it down in there. I’m trying to watch ‘Dancing With the Stars!’"

    We’re talking about the kind of noise that could potentially evoke the same response as an air-raid siren. We’re talking about the sort of noise that nearly shakes the paint off the walls. We’re talking about Dinosaur Jr.-style noise, where nearly every note of nearly every song is cranked up in true Spinal Tap fashion to "11."

    The recently reunited band, which performs Thursday at the Fillmore in San Francisco [glow=red,2,300](Sold out show…CG)[/glow], is famous for putting on ridiculously loud rock concerts. That enthusiasm for extreme volume, drummer Murph explains, comes from former-drummer-turned-guitarist J. Mascis.

    "I think it’s the whole thing of him approaching guitar playing as a percussive instrument," Murph says during a recent phone interview from a hotel room in Los Angeles. "He just physically wants to feel it and hear it the way he does with drums. When you play drums, you can actually feel the air being pushed out of the drums. He approaches guitar playing that way."

    The recommendation here is for fans to approach the Fillmore on Thursday with earplugs in hand. It’s either that or risk saying "huh?" about a zillion times on Friday (and Saturday and Sunday…)

    Dinosaur Jr. certainly hasn’t mellowed over the years, despite the fact that this original lineup â€â€

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