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    two reelers

    here i am, drinking a glass of milk and reflecting the concert which ended one hour ago. it was ridicolously loud – my friend, a long time concert goer, had to leave early because he couldn’t stand it, even though he was way down in the back. i was wise to protect my ears, since i still remember the 2 week tinnitus from last year, but they are still ringing. this year it was definitely louder, and the sound was not so good. i think their volume was simply too much for the PA.
    anyway, they started with a very, very good rendition of "thumb" which was nicely greeted by the audience. i was also pleasantly surprised, a highlight in the beginning. the same with "get me". "imagination blind" really rocked the audience for the first time – it is a good song to jump along. j kind of mimicked the intro to "over it" – the wah effect was very compressed. very nice. the abrupt ending of the song was also good – like cut with a razor or as if someone pulled the plug. very effective. "pick me up" was another highlight for me. they run through the inevitable "freak scene" with an amazing speed, like they want to bring it to an end before they even started. and they were getting louder with every song – "i don’t wanna go there" was absolutely insane. while j was firing his solo, lou was delivering the optical part – jumping around in his soaked shirt and wildly swinging his bass. thes 3 guys definitely work very hard for their money. some jerks in the audience were still funny enough to cry "louder, louder" – and they got it louder with "bulbs". ouch.

    overall, they really are dinosaurs. there is not the slightest impression that they notice what is going on around them. just like a mighty creature sets his foot with thunder somewhere, munches a few leaves, totally unimpressed by the environment, and leaving a devasted trail. then it goes a few steps ahead, munch, munch again, and so on. another enormous solo, another tinnitus and another town. j blazes off his riffs and solos without any visible emotion, murph just keeps on punding and pounding, and lou is the more agressive carnivor. this is not meant to be critically, only this time i realized it more than before. the communication with the audience is kept well below the absolute minimum – don’t get me wrong, i also like that. the connection is the music. even when murph had to leave for one or two minutes, they kept on jammimg like there was no one else in the room. only once i had the impression of a glance of a smile on j’s face – but it is more likely that the light played me a trick.

    there you are and here i stand, trying to make you feel my hand. well, now i understand.

    songs played – not necessarily in that order and maybe there are one or two i have forgotten

    in a jar
    get me
    imagination blind
    over it
    feel the pain
    pick me up
    back to your heart
    freak scene
    i don’t wanna go there
    bulbs of passion
    just like heaven


    btw, the opening act was keith caputo. it was very good.


    Excellent review – well put ! Thumb – finally !!!! Very excited about this !
    And the setlist is killer – great to see several of the "long" songs being played and stuff like "Bulbs…." being mixed with newer ones.


    Awesome review. With "The Wagon" and "Pick Me Up" coming out on Rock Band this Thursday, it’s cool to see them playing all of their Rock Band songs live. That’s a killer set list and I hope they’ll be playing songs like that in October, in addition to "Been There All the Time"
    Would be nice to get some live audio recordings of these European gigs. The FreeSoFree webmeister email is getting over-run from people in Europe with "Do you have anything new yet", "Any Get Me or Thumb", "Any Pick Me Up Audio", "I saw someone record the show but didn’t talk to him" emails. Hopefully in the USA we’ll get a bunch of recordings. But killer set list, can’t wait until we see them in October. I’m hoping to catch the Oct 7, 8, and 9 shows.

    King Tubby

    I, for one, would really love to witness one of these "way too loud" shows that people (usually Euros) write about on here. Of the 12+ reunion shows I’ve seen, only one approached the "way too loud" threshold. Granted, I wouldn’t want every show to be like that, especially if the sound quality suffers, but once every few shows would be great, just for old times’ sake.

    The last time I saw Motorhead was before the Dino reunion and in the intervening years I guess I had forgotten just how blistering they are, beause I finally saw them again a couple weeks ago and they were way louder than Dino. It was impressive. And brutal.


    the show was absolutely sick!!! i like dinosaur jr. also because younger as well as older people listen to them with passion and come togehter at one show – just like a family-party. But it was funny to see the older guys going to the back of the hall during the first three songs – i think it was too loud and wild for them.btw, it WAS loud and my tinitus is so annoying, but i think it was worth it. i was in the first row and yes, j WAS once smiling! it was sooo cool when he cracked one of his strings during one of his solos – and he just kept playing for a few seconds, changed his guitar (while lou and murph played on) and went on, just like nothing happend. after the show i felt like a baptised Jehovah’s Witness maybe feels – just clean and enlightend! i still can#t find the right words to describe the show…

    hope you are coming back to vienna soon!!!!

    regards to all of you

    two reelers

    lou’s shirt !

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NpaGcyKAwc 8NpaGcyKAwc

    there are more on youtube, just type "dinosaur jr. 2009 vienna"

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