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    so like i really wanna bring my little camera and video tape j, sebadoh and sonic youth at the benefit show. i also wanna videotape the sebadoh boston show. im scared of getting kicked out though. if the band allows taping can they kick you out for taping? i wanna tape real bad i just dont wanna get kicked out of the show. anyone know what the deal is on that shit?



    the only way to be really sure, is to ask in advance :?

    When I bought a ticket for the show at Smith’s College, I had a nice email conversation with John Lee from, the ticket seller website, their email address is [email protected]

    he replied very quickly to my questions, and was very accurate. so maybe you just ask there, as they might know the venue well, but aren’t directly employees there. … just a thought, no idea if it will bring you further.

    would be so cool to have decent recordings of the show!!! :D



    i 100% intend on filming this show as well.
    if you have better equipment than i do, then we’ll use yours.

    i am coming with tripod, a sony dcr-trv19 dv handycam, and a possible laptop.
    i know i’ll get fantastic video, but audio i have yet to test on it.
    going to a cobra verde show next weekend in dc, maybe i’ll get a chance to test it out there.



    maybe you could seek out an "ok to record" from the charity itself ?



    yeah, try talk to the staff at the venue.. some days earlier. go there with a proof that J’s ok with taping. then the staff will shut up, and be nice to you.. when i tried to tape J, the staff at the club claimed that the contract with J said ‘no taping allowed’.



    yeah, but in this case it’s more than just j there … if you have to get the artists’ permission, wouldn’t you have to ask everyone involved ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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