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    Well, I am back from Washington, D.C. What a trip..

    It is well worth a visit or 40.. First off, their public transportation systems works. For $5USD, you can travel the subway ALL DAY, ANYWHERE it goes. Which was nice since we stayed in Virginia.

    Day One: Slow, Smithsonian’s American History Museum, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial. Highlight: The VERY powerful September 11 exhibit.

    Day Two: Rain, thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Lily. Went to Mount Vernon.

    Day Three: Visit Family in Fredericksburg

    Day Four: D.C… A really "happy day".. Spent the morning at Arlington National Cemetary and the afternoon at the Holocaust Museum. The way they make you tour the museum is very well done. Begins with the history of how Hitler came to power. There are some VERY disturbing pictures there, may not be suitable for young (8 – 11) children.

    Day Five: D.C. More Smithsonian Museums. Walked around the city. Night tour. Not really worth it, if you have already been in the city. It did take us to the F.D.R. and Jefferson Memorials, which were great.

    Day Six: Slow, relaxing final day. Another trip to the Air and Space Museum <img> .. That flight simulator is SOOO COOL!!!! <img> Natural History Museum is also incredibly cool. Spent most of the time in the gems exhibit and fossils..

    The trip was incredible. In fact, we are planning to back in 2004 or 05 after the world war II memorial and the new Smithsonian American Indian museum open. We also plan to cover some of the things we missed, since it is IMPOSSIBLE to see everything in that town in one week.

    Not only that, I did not touch, use, or yearn to use any computer equipment. <img>

    Now to catch up here…


    Only 4 days until J, 5 days until the NHL Season starts, and 22 days until J comes back out (still unsure on if I am going)

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    Hey man? You went to DC without any Fugazi or Bad Brains action. . .weird.

    Not much happened around here, the usual "I just. . ." threads and such.



    not much happened <img> , except of course all the new J stuff coming out…bobbin’ and everybody let’s me down mp3’s, the live songs off bbc were put up along with a great interview, and a pretty cool live video of J in Holland… <img> Info found on the new J video, looks pretty pleasing to me.

    Record setting day on Freakscene yesterday, most individual visits every, most page views, most bytes…very cool even for a place that not much happens at <img> <img>

    Glad the vacation was pleasing, that Fossils thing sounds cool, always check out the science and natural history museums myself <img>

    Welcome Back


    oh yeah, the get discovered forum has been pretty cool recently, lots of members leaving links to their online songs…very cool!!!

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