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    Got this today –

    I had to cancel some shows to get my gallbladder removed. Finally after six months of progressively worsening stomach problems and wrong diagnosis A cure is in sight. My worst attack yet started during the LA show and the intense pain lasted all through the night. After a bunch of tests, x-rays, cat scans, etc., looks like the gallbladder has to go pronto.

    If all goes well I hope to be back for the Amsterdam gig and beyond. later

    Hope you feel better soon! Oddly enough, I am having the exact same problem now <img> – that is just taking fan to a sick level <img>



    OUCH x 2!!!

    That is a very painful situation, hope the surgery is laproscopic (less down time, less time in the hospital, minimal scar). No doubt fewer painful times ahead will be very cool, minus the little purple pill thing should also be pretty pleasing. Shame it took them so long to get it right!!!

    Hope you feel better soon!!!

    Allison <img>

    ps same goes for you big guy <img>



    Doctors are generally idiots. It’s a shame they can’t be sued for misdiagnosis. And frightening to think that they would rather give you a wrong answer than just say ‘I don’t know’ because of their Hippocratic pride.

    Anyway, not to be totally insensitive, but is it possible to remove a gall bladder through laparoscopy? That’s wild. I thought that procedure was mostly for exploratory purposes.

    Feel better J! We’re all pulling for you.


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    Hey Jeremiah… I, Dr Mattman, will remove that gallbladder on the cheap. <img>

    …just say the word. <img>




    Mattman, I can assist with that surgery, anesthetic could be Asheton specials <img>

    Rosa, I’ve seen it done & a family member had it done, although she woke up during surgery and they didn’t even notice:eek: I observed a laproscopic gall bladder removal from start to finish. Really quite cool to see thru the scope into the abdomen. They were removing the gb, but there were some stones in it and the incision wasn’t big enuf so the surgeon was tugging at the thing. He finally got it out and the stones went flying, one landed at my feet, it was huge <img> <img>


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    oh my, sorry to hear that <img>
    I had the same problem and I can tell, that it hurts like hell <img>
    What a drag, that one of the attacks occured during a show! Now, that’s really professional: To contiue a show under these circumstances!

    I had my gallbladder removed through laparoscopy and after about one week it was a part of the past and I didn’t have any problems from it, afterwards – a big progress, compared with those severe pain attacks before the surgery.

    All the best wishes for J <img>



    All The Best wishes 2 J
    Hope u’re feeling well soon



    I wish you a speedy recovery, J.




    Dont worry everything will be allright J,

    ohh yeah you too Jeremiah



    ouch is right. hope u feel better soon, j. i can’t imagine playing a show with a gallbladder attack going on *shudder* the man is a pro what can i say.



    scary ! intense pain is not good ….

    speaking as someone who has had // 4 // surgeries over the past year and a half (the last one being last thursday) i can safely say that surgery/recovery takes a lot out of you …

    anyhow … hope you feel much better – much sooner than later j … <img>



    Get well soon J <img>

    I’m kinda impressed, I thought these things normally happened to intensely devoted christians around easter. You’ve really taken it to a new level! Joke aside, hope they’ll fix you up real soon!

    Allison et al.,
    you know a lot of cool words. especially that leprachaun surgery thing. also, I’m glad that I don’t know what it means, most things that have cool names are painfull as hell when it comes to the world of medicine!



    All my best wishes to you J! <img>



    Ouch. Hope you feel better soon, J. Have a quick recovery. All the best!

    And, Jeremiah, maybe you’d better let Dr. Mattman take a look at you. I hear he does drive-in operations now. <img>


    Gabel II.

    get well soon J! my grandmother had her gallbladder removed too erhh…guess that come out weird… <img>

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