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    Gillian Welch-Paper Wings
    Bardo Pond-Pick My Brain
    Red House Painters-Shock Me
    Seam-The Prizefighters
    Richard Buckner-Lil Wallet Picture
    Husker Du-She Floated Away
    Jawbox-Cornflake Girl
    Radio Birdman-Hanging On
    Versus-You`ll be Sorry
    Only Ones-Another Girl Another Planet
    Minutemen-The Cheerleaders
    Townes Van Zandt-For The Sake Of The Song
    11th Dream Day-The History Of Brokeback
    Bettie Serveert-Don`t Look Back In Anger
    Dinosaur Jr.-The Leper
    Rock A Teens-That`s My Mama

    Sorry I could`nt think up a title,hard to think after the last few days.

    Allison-finally got to hear Radio Birdman and the Only Ones,very cool,audiogalaxy.com has alot of cool stuff;I tried to download some Sonic Rendezvous songs but they still have`nt come through yet,maybe it will later.Also downloaded the Saints-"I`m Stranded",that will pop up on a later mix.
    Palace Brother-checked out Royal City,sounds good,can you suggest some cool songs by them to check out?I downloaded "rush hour cars" which sounds good,where are they from in Canada?I could`nt find any info on them.



    Call it "People who like Xanadu are big fat liars."



    There`s a song by the drop 19`s called"Winona" that mentions Xanadu in it.



    Hey SalamiGuy

    Some Info of Royal City:

    U Can Download 3 Songs there, the Only 3 Songs I Know
    I ordered the Cd, These Songs are so Great
    I think the Cd will be Great too
    This is their Homepage

    I Think they are from Toronto

    A new Album, Their 2nd 1, will be released in October
    & I never heard their 1st One
    They Should promote thereself way better
    No One here in Europe heard of Them

    My Favorite Recordshop has never heard of them either
    & they have a lot of Unknown Bands & Are a Great help for me by discovering Great Bands
    Such As Songs Ohia, Halifax Pier & Drunk

    Hope this all help

    C Ya



    <BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by salamiguy:
    <STRONG>There`s a song by the drop 19`s called"Winona" that mentions Xanadu in it.</STRONG><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    There’s a Primus song that says Winona has a big brown beaver, too.



    Thanks for the info,PB.
    Hope you checked out the Wooden Stars that I mentioned the other day,Audiogalaxy has about 15 songs by them.
    Halifax Pier?that`s across the harbour from me!
    Unless they mean Halifax,England.There`s a famous folk song by a folk singer from Ontario who used to live here named Stan Rogers that mentions the lyric-"I`m a broken man on a Halifax Pier" so they problably got it from that.The scottish folk band the Battlefield Band also covered this tune,so did my cousin`s band.I think it is about here since it was a important sea port over the last few hundred years.
    Where are Halifax Pier from?are they American?


    John Dyson

    Picked up an album by the Drop 19s last week, called Delaware, got it cheap but haven’t listened to it before, anybody got any more info? Hve they a web address? Do they still exsit i think the album was from 92



    Hey Salamiguy,

    Cool that you got to hear those songs, Hangin on by Radio Birdman is my current fav. The Only Ones are great althou not all their songs work well. Some other Only Ones tunes to check out include Peter and the Pets, Lovers of Today, City of Fun, The Whole of The Law…all those are definitely great tunes. The Saints I’m Stranded is such a classic, not a fan of the more recent stuff but the early stuff can’t get enuf of it.

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/cool.gif[/img]

    forgot to mention Sonics tunes…there are a few versions of City Slang out there so try a few they may be different. Electrophonic Tonic is one of the all time best songs in my books, hope you can find it.



    John-The Drop 19`s were a early 90`s Boston band,they did 2 albums for Caroline records,"Deleware" and "National Coma" which are great.Deleware is one of my all time fav albums,it was one of the first indie rock albums I bought,"Kick The Tragedy" is an amazing tune,their cover of Madonna`s "Angel" is great,the guitar solo is wicked!.Glad to hear you found a copy of this.
    National Coma is`nt as good as Deleware,the line up is almost totally changed except for the singer/guitar and bassist.There`s a new female singer/guitarist who fits the role well as Paula did on Deleware.If you see it,check it out anyway,it is worth hearing.
    In terms of a web site,they problably don`t have one,I`ll check later and fill you in if they do.They broke up in 94 I think,never heard a thing from any of the members again.
    Allison-Thanks for the Only Ones suggestions,i`ll check those out later.the 2 Sonic Redezvous songs they have are City Slang and Electrophonic Tonic,they still have`nt downloaded yet,i`ll check later to see if they did.



    Allison-The Sonic Rendezvous songs still are`nt coming through,the Only Ones tunes that you mentioned are`nt available;at least I got to hear Another Girl Another Planet.
    Palace Brother-check out Snailhouse,it`s the guy from the Wooden Stars,audiogalaxy has some songs there.Sackville you might like as well.

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