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    Any reviews? Set list etc…..



    June 6 Gronigan

    bulbs of passion
    in a jar
    forget the swan

    just like heaven
    mountain man

    thanks to paavo for the setlist




    If any of you peeps wanna review the Wednesday night London date i will host it on my site for you at with an image.

    I’nm racing to get out of the door to DJ at Download all weekend at the skate bowl there so will not be able to get one together until we get back on Monday, so if you fancy it, send one to [email protected] and i will definately post it up for you..



    fuck me that was a little bit special. bad review in evening standard, but blew me away. hadn’t been to the forum since the last time i saw dinosaur jr, really reminded me of school days. went along with a mate from school who i used to go with, so really was an excellent night.

    when j said "this is the first time i’ve ever played this live", i just knew it was going to be little fury things. and what a version. they all seemed so tight, and although they didn’t speak to each other, I’m sure they all knew the chemistry was there. as much as i love george and mike, this was perfect, i can’t believe they got this tight with so little practise.

    terrible hangover, was sick on train home – all again tonight! i can’t hear anything – word of warning, don’t stand near the speaker stacks (saying that, that’s where I’ll be again tonight)



    morning after the june 9th show at the forum. As expected didnt hear anything material between green mind and fog stuff, but what the hey it was brilliant!
    stood very near J for the whole gig, version of rasians had tears welling up in my eyes, J’s guitar sounding incredible and overall the sound was big and tight! Freak scene and Just like Heaven for encores, J looked to be having a real good time! Murph got hit by a flying beer can, much to his amusement and plenty of crowd surfing. Last time I saw J as Dinosaur jr was in 1991 at reading, they sounded even better than then! J just gets better. Overall great, dont even care they didn’t play The wagon, out there and Start chopping. Everyone went mental when they did freak scene as the last song. Although not as mega familiar with the 2 re-issues as I am with green, where you been and without a sound. Put Bug on to wake up to this am and its kind of taking on a new meaning now. For me the highlight was the incredible version of Raisans, which I will remember forever. I can die happy now!

    by the way I am now deaf.



    hey everybody you are only gonna get songs from… THE FIRST THREE RECORDS. no out there, no wagon, no sameday, no puke&cry, no feel the pain, no i dont think, no if thats how its gotta be, no…

    i mean is anyone paying attention? :roll:



    yeah really haha



    fat setlist… i’ll love to get my hands on a recording of this show.. mountain man is my favorite tune… thanks :lol:


    i mean is anyone paying attention?

    Er, yeah. That’s why he said "as expected".



    I kind of wished I’d gone on Thursday now, if only to hear a different set :D

    Anyway.. wednesday’s show.

    I was surprised at how tight the band was. I expected them to be quite sloppy (though perhaps they lost their focus a bit in mid-set). Maybe it had something to do with Lou and Murph having to virtually relearn the songs, I dunno but they largely stuck very closely to the songs as they are on the records.

    They were f***ing loud and just got louder and louder. Near the end I had to move back twenty yards to stop my ears from hurting and actually hear what was going on. The first few songs had about the right balance, and just blew me away. J’s use of effects was spot on, at times he was throwing out a mind-boggling wall of sound. It was great to hear the songs as they were intended, rather than through that muddy production on the early records.

    Lou seemed to enjoy himself throughout.. and Murph looked exhausted, which is hardly suprising considering how hard he hits the drums. J got more and more into it as the set went on. Of course, as usual there was plenty of overplaying in the guitar solos, a far cry from the simpler melodic soloing on the early albums – but some moments of magic there for sure.

    Stand-out for me: In a Jar was fantastic.. but then all the stuff off the second album was :lol:

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