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    Cheers for the Uk dates (J in the UK twice in a year – whatthefunk? Has he fathered a love child over here or what?

    Does anyone know if he is playing at any of the UK festivals at all?

    Also, anyone going to the Sheffield, Bristol, Brighton or London gigs? See ya there.




    im going to the london gig!

    shepherds bush empire is a good venue..

    what t-shirts do u think they’ll have? the same as the last ones…white with the ‘where’d u go’ cover on it..? well we’ll have to wait and see..

    im so looking forward to it [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]



    leeds gig will be better, trust me!!!!
    i hope he also plays the leeds festival!!!!



    I’ll be at the London gig. Anyone know if Bristol is going ahead? Cityslang has Bristol/Birmingham as possibilities for 7th June, but that date is already used up for Portsmouth.




    if he plays Bristol I’m pretty sure it’ll be at the Colston Hall. I’ll see if they have a website.

    And I guess that the t-shirts will be the same as last time. Did anyone see the Malkmus t’s from his gig at the Empire last month. Fairly horrible orangey things. Certainly not Sunday best clothing.



    Damn – I’ll be in the states for the London gig! I wish I had seen the sched before I booked.
    I will be heading to the Nottingham, Sheff, and the Leeds shows.
    Anyone up for a road trip?
    Any London dwellers going?

    Hey Javro – need to get together for a beer at the Warrington and talk some music. That place kicks when the sun is out!


    John Dyson

    I’m going to Sheffield – I’m so excited, although I’m 26, feel like I’m about 15 – never seen the man Mascis before and can’t wait!!



    Hey Tim

    Just got back from New York myself – was over 90 degrees out there. When are you next at the Warrington? Not got a lot planned this weekend or next week. Drop me a line.

    Speak soon – nice to hear from you again. [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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