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    I’ve been trying to master the art of the MixTape (or CD, whatever) lately. Unfortunately, due to my dad trying to keep the hard drive uncluttered, the overall selection of songs on the computer itself is rather small. We have two drives on the computer, DVD and CDR, So I can record from two sources, but usually the songs are on seperate data discs (which we have dated back to Napster).

    The actual questions I have are:

    1) how can I move a MP3 from a data disc into my shared folder?
    2) how do you make an audio file (something from my CD collection) into an MP3?



    if there are actual files on the ‘data cd’ then you should be able to just ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ them right off there. do it from ‘windows explorer or ‘my computer’. I am guessing you are using windoz.

    to get audio tracks off an original audio cd, you need a Ripper.
    free ripper is musicmatch jukebox. http://www.musicmatch.com

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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