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    first time i have seen them – played a tiny venue, Islington Academy. On a par with Modest Mouse at the Scala last week. Really been spoilt for gigs recently – always happens, nothing for ages, then a glut.

    Anyone know who the lead with TS is? Incredible. Dulli’s voice was fantastic, incredible bearing in mind the amount of cigs he smoked. shame he flicked the buts into the crowd though. Even dedicated one song to David Kelly – poor taste?

    MM’s Cowboy Dan must have lasted about 20 minutes. If I could remember anything else, I’d tell ya. Got some cool pics, will try to post.




    Thanks for the review Ben :) Shawn Smith used to sing with the TS,maybe it was him.He sang backup with the Whigs on the Black Love album.Good to hear Dulli has`nt lost his voice 8)
    Cowboy Dan for 20 minutes :shock: :aliensmile:



    Yeah, Cowboy Dan for 20 minutes would have flattened me for sure.
    And get those pics up here! :D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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