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    posted by pjw

    Dinosaur Jr
    Richmond, VA, USA
    20 September 1987

    Source: ?
    Lineage: Silver CD -> cdparanoia -> audacity (tracking) -> shntool (to fix my own SBEs) -> FLAC

    Bootleg Title: A Tribute to Charlie Christian
    File Size: 390MB (FLAC)


    01 Severed Lips
    02 In a Jar
    03 The Lung
    04 Kracked
    05 Tarpit
    06 Does it Float
    07 Lose
    08 Raisins
    09 Mountain Man
    10 Let it Ride
    11 No Bones
    12 Freak Scene
    13 Yeah We Know
    14 Sludgefeast

    MD5 Checksums:

    ccaa88957f0958f54f87b22255a444d3 *dinosaurjr1987-09-20t01.flac
    ce41c88dbdd0b98949cd5d9772be1170 *dinosaurjr1987-09-20t02.flac
    d191637da2eb8e8655f2cbf62692ff8e *dinosaurjr1987-09-20t03.flac
    9f04804d271bd080d79965e3acfa01a4 *dinosaurjr1987-09-20t04.flac
    d23cb4885b3828b746cb471ff9e81178 *dinosaurjr1987-09-20t05.flac
    b2516f601b0588dafae6d4811c2bd5a7 *dinosaurjr1987-09-20t06.flac
    95ecf3f4679179587651cc7fc1f3dedc *dinosaurjr1987-09-20t07.flac
    673092fc1fd1472d05ff88c4b1f61c63 *dinosaurjr1987-09-20t08.flac
    035565e6d3e570ed4f14c63d74561a68 *dinosaurjr1987-09-20t09.flac
    73325bcf657c2247483c53c117e5890a *dinosaurjr1987-09-20t10.flac
    8e800a304c7b2a72b1e3db2a7708dfe7 *dinosaurjr1987-09-20t11.flac
    601faff13b836c7ce4ebc7a0088dc021 *dinosaurjr1987-09-20t12.flac
    fc7a7aa780fa71c2e0ca33bb22c821fa *dinosaurjr1987-09-20t13.flac
    630d0270109796615ec620e500f7568b *dinosaurjr1987-09-20t14.flac


    Bootleg artwork is included.

    Any tracking weirdities are my fault… the original CD is one 63 minute track. Lazy bootlegging bastards.

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