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    …washing dishes has never been so fun, or at least it will be tomorrow. Listening to bad tv has been replaced with tape consumption, part of the day. I spent a few hours preparing an up-beatish tape the crew will hopefully enjoy.

    side a:

    teenagers from mars – Misfits
    S+M airlines – NOFX
    the VIew – Modest Mouse
    Gut Feeling – Devo
    the set up – Obie Trice
    Where’s Popeyes? – Vida Blue
    Crosseyed and Painless – Talking Heads
    I can see clearly – Screechin’ Weasel

    side b:

    Spiders (kidsmoke) – Wilco
    Workin’ on the building – Elvis Presley
    from a little kids point of view – Old Skull
    Micha:those who fear tomorrow – Integrity
    Petals – Outface
    Sri Lanka sex hotel – Dead Milkmen
    Little Honda – Yo La Tengo
    Nazi punks fuck off – Dead Kennedys



    Ever hear Screeching Weasel`s cover of The Cranberries` Linger?cool :)
    Nice mix Ghosty 8)



    Linger would have to be good. Punk rock covers are always fun(ny). A punk band from my town played "Zombie" by those same cranberries, quite fun. Dreams is my favorite cranberries song. I once got a free ticket to see them based on my car making the trip but i was only going because Cracker was opening, but i told my friend i’d stay till they played dreams and it was funny because i’m the guy that would really leave just to spite my friend and to hold my statement true about leaving; luckily dreams was the encore being that i’d probably feel bad leaving early but the show was good and we even stayed for the second encore which was crazy written by Willie Nelson and famousized by Patsy Cline, which was a treat.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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