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    Trash Versus Ylt 78:44

    01: Modest Mouse – It Always Rains On A Picnic
    02: Dinosaur Jr – Severed Lips
    03: Blur – Battle
    04: Motorpsycho – Mad Sun
    05: Grandaddy – Underneath The Weeping Willow
    06: Hayden – Skates
    07: Kiss My Jazz – Lovers + Place
    08: Moondog Jr – TV Song
    09: Bonnie Prince Billy – 13
    10: Placebo – Peeping Tom
    11: Radiohead – Dollars + Cents
    12: Smashing Pumpkins – Spaceboy
    13: Lionell Horrowitz + His Combo – L’Hiver
    14: Sparklehorse – Spirit Ditch
    15: Arab Strap – Blackness
    16: Songs Ohia – Being In Love
    17: Gore Slut – Hurt
    18: Modest Mouse – Singun Chaser




    Who would’ve thought Motorpsycho would end up at a compilation here at the ‘scene? Not me anyways. Great to see it happen though, gotta love that fiddle in Mad Sun!!



    Hey Im A Big MotorPsycho Fan
    Have All Their Records, They Are So Great
    But Im A Bit dissapointed in Their Latest Piece of Art "Phanerothyme" Its not what it used to be
    But Hey that Can Happen




    I haven’t completely "digested" Phanerothyme yet, so I’m unsure as to how I feel about it. Allthough I’m kinda disappointed just like you, it wasn’t quite what I’d expected -though it’s hard to know excactly what to expect from those guys. So I’m hoping it’ll grow on me -and looking forward to seeing them live again. It’s always a blast!



    btw, here’s a link to a recording of a pretty good concert:

    it’s in rm format -so I haven’t found a way to download it -but if you’re on an ok connection you shouldn’t have any problem listening to it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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