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    …I think I haven’t seen this review with pics here on the site:

    turnituporturnitoff.com :D

    J Mascis & The Fog feat. Mike Watt + Ron Asheton @ Tower Records


    "The ex-Dinosaur Jr. frontman finally crawled out of his fossil shell again last year, and brought with him More Light, an album as taut and focused as anything since Green Mind. The Purple One is never shy about bustin’ out the classic Sludgefeasts of yore, and he’ll be joined by classic punks Mike Watt (Minutemen) and special guest Ron Asheton (Stooges), so expect the original alt-guitar god to return to his hardcore roots." (Michael Chamy, Austin Chronicle)


    Two blocks away from Tower Records I heard a drum solo. You can hear music in Austin at all times of the day and in all parts of the city, so I wasn’t too surprised. Upon closer investigation, it turned out to be The Fog drummer George Berz, who had set up his kit outside the Tower back entrance and worked the skins while the band waited for their turn to play. [lovely story!; FC :D]


    Later, when they started to move their equipment onstage, this super-group of Rock veterans had a good chuckle about the rather small PA. In true punk-rock spirit, they moved Mike’s second bass head + cabinet to the front and center of the tiny stage and Mike plugged in his microphone.


    All Amps were cranked up to 11, and with Mike taking over vocal duties, they proceeded to play a 40 minutes Stooges-only set including "I Wanna Be Your Dog", "1969"," TV Eye", and a blistering version of "No Fun". The final word from Mike Watt: "You should have learned one thing today – start your own band…" Clearly one of the highlights of the week!




    Great pics!

    I’ve seen some pics from that tower records deal, not in color though :aliensmile:

    Love that story about George setting his drums up behind Tower Records :mrgreen: :!:


    Bucky Ramone

    Another small review from that instore gig: (found here) :lol:

    Time/Place: 5PM: J MASCIS @ Tower Records (2402 Guadalupe)

    Well, J’s publicist, the one and only Thanh Thanh Dang (!) , told me Ron Asheton would not be playing this gig, but lo and behold and shades of Iggy Poop, there was the fat man again! Not only did the Ash-ton play with Mike Watt, but they only played Stooges songs. "1969", "No Fun", "Loose", "Not Right", "TV Eye", "Down The Street" and "I Wanna Be Your Dog"… and J didn’t even sing! How about that? The man does an in-store performance to showcase his new record, then doesn’t play any songs off of it. Mike Watt sang all the vocals! Then J did a record signing! He’s got Dinosaur (Jr) balls!! At the end of the set, some floozy got on stage and danced along to the Iggy-isms, showing off her beautiful unshaved pits. Thanh thanh told me to videotape this "rock and roll moment" so i obliged (see pic). No fun!

    click here for more pics (and the ugliest background ever ‘designed’…) :P :aliensmile:



    cool pics + review … definitely never seen that before …

    not sure we really needed pics of hairy pit girl living for the moment :shock:

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