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    Jack Davidson

    Any juicy tidbits out there speculating what the boys are up to during this break? I know deep wound is busy, and J is likely enjoying a well deserved break, but any ramblings coming from that camp at all? Lou’s comment in that recent interview about not knowing the future of the band just ever so slightly tweaked me and I keep thinking about that.



    J – Sweet Apple album, and solo album with touring….plus hopefully a new Witch album.

    Not sure about lou or murph (apart from some more sebadoh dates and some dumb numbers bits)

    I think dino touring and releasing in the future is a pretty safe bet as theres so many festivals and album anniversaries etc to do and unless J’s 2nd solo album is a massive hit I can’t see him turning his back on that and nor should he.



    Awe, solo and not the FOG. I mean the two mainstream albums released by ’em had better lyrics. It’s like J ya just want to listen to him/them. So did Free So Free get released in gold crumple or what? thanks for the DW 7 inch folks..



    Touring as dino in june confirmed ! Keep going now boys….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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