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    buckingham rabbit

    It’s been a year and we have probably all bought more 2001 releases that we didn’t have at last year end. Plus, our opinions may have changed on some releases after a year. So, here is my new list for top ten of 2001.

    1. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci–How I Long to Feel that Summer in My Heart
    2. American Analog Set–Know By Heart
    3. Low–Things we Lost in the Fire
    4. The Court and Spark–Bless You
    5. M. Ward–End of Amnesia
    6. David Kilgour–A Feather in the Engine
    7. Pernice Brothers–The World Won’t End
    8. My Morning Jacket–At Dawn
    9. Steve Malkmus–Steve Malkmus
    10.The Clean–Getaway



    I`m sticking with my list from last year,I think my top 5 was:

    Red House Painters-Old Ramon
    Low-Things We Lost In The Fire
    Lucinda Williams-Essence
    Kristin Hersh-Sunny Border Blue
    Hope Sandoval-Bavarian Fruit Bread

    My #1 albums from past years:

    2000-Sleater Kinney-All Hands On The Bad One
    1999-Tom Waits-Mule Variations
    1998-Versus-2 Cents Plus Tax
    1997-Sleater Kinney-Dig Me Out
    1996-Palace Music-Arise Therefore
    1995-Buffalo Tom-Sleepy Eyed
    1994-Pavement-Crooked Rain Crooked Rain
    1993-Dinosaur Jr-Where You Been


    Long Distance Drunk

    Something like:
    Fugazi–the Argument
    White Stripes–White Blood Cells
    the Strokes–Is this it?
    Steven Malkmus
    Tenacious D
    Ani DiFranco–Revelling/Reckoning
    Guided by Voices–Isolation Drills
    Modest Mouse–Everywhere and His Nasty Parlor Tricks
    Ben Folds–Rockin’ the Suburbs
    Lars Friedrickson & the Bastards



    Interesting topic. On one hand I don’t want to change my last years list but, you are right, there are some great albums missing and to be honest, I don’t play the strokes and the stripes as much as I did. I have to think about it.
    Imagine changing the list of 1994…it doesn’t sound fair! :?


    Bucky Ramone

    My top 10 of 2001

    1. Ryan Adams – Gold
    2. Mercury Rev – All is dream
    3. Fink – Fink
    4. Preston School of Industry – All this sounds gas
    4.5 Stephen Malkmus
    5. Sanford Arms – Too loud for the snowman
    6. Steve Wynn – Here come the miracles
    7. Gingersol – The train wreck is behind you
    8. the White Stripes – White blood cells
    9. Fugazi – The Argument
    10. Pinback – Blue Screen Life

    …I still think it’s quite a nice list, I am still playing all of these quite regularly….

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