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    I am on a jag now but this made me smile, so I put it here under open topic.


    10. The I Was Lip Synching Before Britney Was Born Tour

    9. The Still-Pretending-To-Be-British Tour

    8. Justify My Ticket Prices Tour

    7. Songs From the Sean Penn Years

    6. Lourde’s College Fund Tour

    5. It’s This or I Try My Hand at Acting Again

    4. The Guess What Religion I Am Now Tour

    3. The Antique Road Show ( :lol: , :lol: , :lol: )

    2. The I’d Have Sex With a Monkey If I Thought It Would Sell Tickets Tour

    1. The Like a Virgin (Not Counting the Two Kids, Two Different Husbands, and Two Dozen Different Boyfriends) Tour



    Fave Madonna covers:
    Ciccone Youth-Into The Groove :aliensmile:
    Drop Nineteens-Angel
    Teenage Fanclub-Like A Virgin
    Eric`s Trip-Open Your Heart
    Bill Frisell-Live To Tell

    Back in jr high I was in a band in a lip sync contest.We did Madonna`s Dress You Up :)(I did`nt do the lip syncing of course :wink: ) I got to play guitar on a wooden guitar thing.It was in front of the whole school and I did`nt even have stage fright :o it was so sucessful we did it again.For the rehearsal the wooden guitar thing was`nt around so we cut a branch off a tree and I went on stage with that :lol: luckily there was`nt too many people watching it,these little twigs were falling off when I did my solo :x :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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