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    Bucky Ramone

    1. Damien Jurado – Big let down
    2. Chris Brokaw – My idea
    3. Lou Reed / John Cale – Nobody but you
    4. Okkervil River – He passes number thirty-three
    5. the Velvet Underground – Venus in furs
    6. the Sad Riders – The radio man
    7. American Analog Set – Hard to find
    8. the Schramms – Torn in two
    9. Fountains of Wayne – Mexican wine
    10. Calexico – Alone again or
    11. 16 Horsepower – American wheeze
    12. Ursula Rucker – Womansong
    13. Drugs – Brain on drugs
    14. Femi Kuti – Water no get enemy
    15. Digital Underground – No nose job
    16. Sven van Hees – Henna
    17. Manhead – Doop
    18. Scott Grooves – Mothership reconnection
    19. Shakedown – Get down


    buckingham rabbit
    "dB stands for den Buck" wrote:
    8. the Schramms – Torn in two

    Cool! Haven’t seen too many other fans of this band! Underrated!!


    Bucky Ramone

    If you like the Schramms, they recently released a live double cd from a gig in Regensburg Germany (with about 50 fans as audience and recorded in glorious lo-fi :lol: ), it’s called "2000 Weiss beers from home" (great title… :wink: :D ), and it’s available from Blue Rose records for 18 euros, or from Miles of Music for $14.99 8)


    buckingham rabbit

    Thanks for the tip. Awhile ago I got an album by Dave solo called "Folk und die Folgen" out on the Return to Sender label. I think these guys are big in Europe, or at least bigger than they are here. They’ve never even played on the west coast, which is part of their problem! Hey, it’s closer than Europe, come on!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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