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    I saw J. Mascis Friday night on 6th street in Austin TX. after his SXSW Show. I didn’t go see him play because 1. I was taking a sick friend home to rest. 2. I didn’t pay attention to the schedule. I returned downtown to meet some friendsBand at the Blender Mag. Party and after we got kicked out I saw a man with a guitar walking slowly down the street toward me. He was wearing a purple t-shirt and a purple jump suit jacket with yellow stripes. I immediately flashed to the purple Dino Jr. shirt with cowmonkey I have had and worn for the last twelve or so years. I said, "You look just like J. Mascis" he shrugged and smirked I said, " you must get that a lot right?" he and his handler Bart who was also carrying a Guitar were looking for a Taxi to get home. I asked what band he played in. He just told me his name was TONI SPAMONI. I laughed because it was funny and I remembered a conversation on a video I saw of J. and Kim Gordon talking about a guy named Toni Spamoni that used to get picked on a lot. I could definitely relate to that story. After walking a few blocks I was not totally convinced of whom I was talking to. I asked If the two of them wanted a ride because my truck was just a few blocks away and I would be Obliged to help out fellow musicians with a free ride to where they were going. I couldn’t believe that I was chatting with someone whom I have admired and respected and listened to and been inspired by for so many years. I was also in the meeting people mode and I had been handing out cds and what not to people that looked interested in such things, only hoping for some feedback on the Music. We walked and talked I was getting the feeling that they were apprehensive to come with me. I explained the obvious that two men with guitars could certainly handle a single man with a beard. There were so many things that I wanted to ask him and say , but only stupid things (I feel) came out. By the time we got to my car I was completely convinced and J. Mascis was riding Shotgun in my truck with Bart in the back. I proceed to ramble and ramble try to call friends on my cell phone (GAY) and change CDs while driving the two gentlemen to their respective Hotels. It was a strange encounter and If I had to do it again I would try to be a lot cooler. Nonetheless J. got home safe and so did Bart. They probably feared for their lives. I am a good driver yeah I am a very good driver. I wasn’t drunk or high as they probably thought It was more like adrenaline, excitement, and nervousness. I hope they don’t think I was too weird or a dork.
    The next day I went to Club Deville to see my friends showcase during the day and found out the Bassistsinger from Mission of Burma’s band was playing there later. So of course I went back and checked out a cool band from Amherst and then Consonant took the stage. I was up in front for MOB, because I always like to be in the front to see bands play and I had an awesome time. I saw J. Mascis again same purple jacket. Tapped him on the shoulder to say hello again then stepped aside, but still close to him to see the band. He didn’t say it but it seemed like "if your going to stand here, I’m going to go stand over there". I wasn’t stalking him maybe he was paranoid. I enjoyed the show thoroughly. I hope he did too.
    It sucks when people you respect have a perception that you are staring at them or being a fanatic, when you are really just at the same place because you share an interest in the same thing. I felt bad to have made maybe a bad impression, but what can you do? Right? I still have this story to tell and maybe I’ll see him again and just not say anything as to not spook the man. KEEP ROCKIN OUT AND MAKING KICKASS MUSIC!



    what a cool and interesting story, jeremyballs.. thanks a lot for sharing! :D :!:

    I have to admit, I didn’t decode the connection to the SY video in your first message, but reading the full story, your first post makes a lot of sense now :)🙂

    of course it must have been thrilling to give J & company a ride! I wouldn’t worry about what J could have thought at the gig the next day. concluding from what you wrote, you weren’t bothering him — and most important is, everyone was having a good time at MOB.

    many fans who met J were wondering, what J could have thought of that, but that seems always to be hard to tell. but hey, I never read in any interview that J ever said that he doesn’t like to meet fans or something like that, so we have to go by that these encounters are ok/fun for him :)

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