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    punk rock aerobics

    maura jasper + hilken mancini

    never mind the buttocks. get back into your spandex the mosh pit way.

    maura jasper, the artist who created album graphics for sub pop + Atlantic, + hilken mancini, guitarist w/indie band fuzzy, were fat + on the dole. they decided to raid their friends’ record collections – mission of burma, minor threat, ramones – to create an exercise class. after whittling down the beer guts of boston’s rock glitterati (j mascis, evan dando etc) they wrote this how-to-book. the easy-to-read instructions come w/a suggested setlist + snaps of the authors in ripped fishnets, doing moves like teen age skank, slits’ leg lifts, iggy’s pop + the roadrunner, inspired by boston native jonathan richman. there’s also a hall of fame of punk’s best hunks + fitness tips by mike watt, peaches, le tigre etc.

    joan uhelszki

    not sure if this should be here or dinosaur evol. or open topic or … ? :roll: :D

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