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    And Then
    This song has the best lyrics so far.
    I haven’ head J in the friendly capability since Free So Free.

    Trailing off as best track. The singles somewhere simpler in the
    at the beginning. I’ll dash a cymbal whenever the next two songs
    deserve a good review.

    What do your favorite song so far, Jeremiah?



    Most likely to pay me back for listening to Son Volt5’s “strands”. Drifter
    sounds like a vehicle commercial. I’ve picked my share of hitch hikers so this rings
    a bell with me. Are they drifters or come to my funeral sots parade? Philosophical
    queries only a touch away in this beautiful acoustic number where j’s guitar is final
    under full clean control.

    I know J doesn’t like to wake up and find strange dots on his body, but is it because
    of drifters. Most likely I’d use this song in a commercial. It has all the haul, off a cliff
    and diving of a Chevy. Even David Koresh I’ve given the ride. Not sure if it was him but
    I think he was trying to hide under a bag of tobacco on the cab job. rolled his own.
    I jen carfagno when I drive now.

    My thoughts on Drifter – 10/10. Finally needed a bluegrass type instrumental.
    Inevitably needed to know if J was burned up by all the loud touring, We don’t
    have to hire anybody to check J’s velocity. All Is pact and ready to hear this one
    instead of little fury things.

    Top drifters I’ve picked up on the road.

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    The last time I talked about the band I called them bleak.
    me again 8/10
    every morning 6/10
    Heal The Star. 7/10
    Trailing Off 8/10
    And Then 8/10
    Drifter 8/10
    Come Down 6/10
    Better Plane 6/10



    stumble 8/10
    wide awake 7/10

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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