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    tickets are now on sale for all USA dates.



    Will tickets become available through ticketmaster after the presale? I have to make it to the show at the Electric Factory in Philly but I don’t have a credit card so I can’t order the ticket now. Please help!!!!! :?



    yes, tickets go onsale for the elec. factory on May 13 at 10AM



    Here;s the ticketmaster link, looks like the Philly show tickets go on sale May 13th…

    Dinosaur Jr on ticketmaster

    If you can get some cash together in the next little while, Dinosaurjrticketing does accept money orders, here’s the info from the site…

    Payment Methods
    Baseline Ticketing accepts several methods of payment to accommodate your needs, including: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover/NOVUS, and money orders.

    Mail Order Instructions
    Baseline Ticketing specializes in real-time internet sales. We offer mail order as a service to those individuals who do not have a credit card. It is definitely not the best way to order through Baseline Ticketing. In addition, because inventory is constantly moving, we cannot guarantee that tickets will be available by the time your mail order is received by us. We cannot hold tickets for you while your mail order is sent to us, and if we run out of tickets by the time we receive your mail order, your order will be returned unfilled. If you have a credit card, please place your order online. If you feel you must use mail order, contact us by email for instructions and total cost of order before sending your order



    the pre-sale tix to Atlanta and Boston are already gone.


    got my dc tix :D



    I have never heard of Baseline Ticketing.
    Are they reputable?
    How is it they have tix on sale now when ticketbastard doesn’t offer them until 5-7 for the show I want to go to?

    As usual, I am confused.




    yes they’re reputable – they are a fanclub ticketing service for dino meaning they can sell tickets for a certain period of time through the bands website before ticketmaster or anyone else can. you can investigate all you want, their website is: http://www.baselineticketing.com/”>http://www.baselineticketing.com/



    My only complaint with the pre-sale was the $8.50 mandatory UPS charge. I think I’d just like it regular mail thanks, but oh well…at least they won’t get lost (supposedly).


    mine were will-call only. free will call, though


    "Jayne" wrote:
    My only complaint with the pre-sale was the $8.50 mandatory UPS charge. I think I’d just like it regular mail thanks, but oh well…at least they won’t get lost (supposedly).

    Good God!
    That’s PER TICKET too, right?
    That’s a rip off!
    I guess what can a guy do though, no way am I missing this show.
    NO WAY.

    I guess it’s only money and this is a chance in a lifetime.

    I just saw Lou on his EMOH tour and it was friggin AMAZING! (Chicago @ Shubbas)



    I wanted to know about the shipping costs too and here’s what I was told…

    The only shipping method available is UPS as we find it to be the quickest, cheapest, most efficient and reliable service available. The shipping charge is assessed on a per order, not per ticket basis. Will call is not an option because the venue does not want 2000 people waiting in line to get tickets 30 minutes before the show starts. Regular mail is not an option because we must deliver tickets in a secure, trackable method in order to ensure delivery.



    124 bucks!!! (31 bucks per picket, I guess that’s not too obscene)

    OMG, I can’t friggin wait!

    GodBlesstheInternet (dot com) (I own that domain) :)

    I’m planning on taking my wife and two daughters (14 and 15).
    They say it’s all ages, it better be.
    Time for the girls to see how 99% of the music they like started.
    I just bought daughter #1 a Bass and daughter #2 a fender stratocaster too.
    Hopefully this will help their inspiration down the road.


    leper, that sounds awesome. i was about that old the first time i saw dino, back IN THE 90’s :wink:

    funny that they’ll do will call in dc. guess 930 isn’t quite 2000 people though. ah well, saved me $8, but always makes me nervous


    "king of carrot flowers" wrote:
    saved me $8, but always makes me nervous

    I being the total tightwad, decided to wait and get tickets more directly, so on May 5th, I have to be ready around 10 am, that makes me nervous.

    I have never had a bad will call experience but I know my heart gets a little tight during the walk up. We will not have to do that in Atlanta.

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