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    Welcome to the boards!!! Thanks for sharing what got you into the amazing music of J. Hope to see you around the board, lots of cool stuff to check out!!!

    Allison [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

    ps We have a thread where lots of people explain where and how they got into Dino/J, will post a link to it when I can find it. Kinda foggy today [img]images/smiles/icon_confused.gif[/img]



    Welcome to the boards [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]
    Cool to meet new people around here,hope you enjoy the site [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]



    well i discovered dino jr when i broke up with me girlfriend of 5 years..at that time was the slew of seattle made headlines through out the universe…and so i got into nirvana,pearljam,soundgarden,alice in chains…etc..but i when i heard ‘get me’..i was totally floored with j’s honesty with pain,loss & suffering of human problems…love,life…etc..from the riffs to the last chords…he didn’t hide his true-self of telling his emotions,frustrations of relationships..he just tell it straight from his guts ,veins…i love him..!!!..and so whn without a sound came out ..with it’s single’feel the pain’,oh god…i’ve got meself to become a ‘j-god’worshipper..right until now…i’ve since never stopped believing in him…thank you j..u’ve done a great deal in me life ..thank you very much….



    I discovered dinosaur jr when I was at school, and it’s is not a very well-known kind of music in my country (Chile), so it’s hard to find theirs albums.
    By that time, I was listening all that grunge things like pearl jam, but when I discovered the sonic chords and that amazing overdrive of dinosaur jr, I fell in love with it and I couldn’t stop listening to it…..till now…
    I think that J Mascis is a sort of "genious" and his music is the best thing that I could have recieved from life……
    It’s sad to think that I will never be able to see J Mascis alive because I don’t think he will come to southamerica, but…I used to think that of "the breeders" too…and they came here…so…why doesn’t J ?….
    excuse my english but it’s not my native language….
    and I just can say…J Mascis…thanks for your music……..and there is a lot of people waiting for you here…at the end of the world…. :)



    I was in a store saw a CD that my friend wouldn’t shut the fuck up about then bought it. Now I know why he incessantly talked and talked about them.

    The Cd was Where been sound and it was like 9 years ago.



    hey extranjero, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us! :D
    It’s so cool to hear that there are Dino/J fans really in all parts of the world 8)

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that J will come your way one day. there must be some other fans in South America.

    big welcome to you here on the boards! :mrgreen:

    … very cool decision, I saw it :aliensmile:



    thanks a lot flying cloud….
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed too……It would be amazing…
    I’ve just bought "free so free"..and……wow…I have no words to explain it……I still loving the master……
    I want to ask you something….maybe it’s a fantasy but…….is there a possibility to have some kind of contact with J…either by mail or letter or something?…it may be a very stupid question, but…I just want to know….perhaps things are different there and the possibility exists…
    thanks……and I’ll read you soon…… :)



    out of all my years of gigging in the UK i have seen dinosaur jr and J solo the most, they have never failed to blow me away. when people ask me my top 10 songs Freak Scene is always number 1. such a great anthem for the music.


    penis tree

    I saw the video for "Start Choppin’" and vowed to get a Dino album next time I went to the shops (60 miles away!).

    I bought Green Mind and it became my favourite album of all time, and "Thumb" my favourite song.

    Alas, it’s not my favourite anymore.



    i had the luxury of being cool off the back of a friends brother, whose records we would always listen to while he was out with girls and having a life. Then however i committed a crime which i believe would have Mr Bush going postal on my ass if i did it today, in that the first song i ever attempted live for my first ever band, To Lift An Elephant, (Shit name, you can imagine the rest) was Freak Scene. I have no idea what i thought i was doing, and i am glad that i was so fucked that it is merely a hazy memory. i now DJ, and to rather self conciously complete the circle, the first track i ever played was Freak Scene, which was danced to by five blokes dressed as the Village People, for some strange reason. There was a time when all the people i considered cool loved Dinosaur Jr and Dinosaur, but now nobody knows what i am talking about if i mention them. i guess that means i am too old!


    ..maybe it’s a fantasy but…….is there a possibility to have some kind of contact with J…either by mail or letter or something?…it may be a very stupid question, but…I just want to know…

    maybe you could try writing to his management ?

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