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    Electric Curiosity

    The Weirdness Flows Between Us: The Life and Times of Dinosaur Jr.
    August 08, 2005

    by Frank Smith

    “It’s gonna be a good year for J Mascis,� Dave said before firing a bottle rocket from the window of the Demon Dodge (aka my station wagon). It was New Year’s Eve 1994 and we were careening around the back roads of rural Ohio, half drunk and fully adolescent. The bottle rocket connected with the back window of our friend Kip’s pickup, creating an explosion of orange sparks.

    The stereo was playing a Dinosaur Jr mix tape that Dave had made for me, one that he insisted on listening to whenever we were in the Demon Dodge. I permitted this only grudgingly, as any band I introduced to Dave was received with derision. I once tried to play Velvet Underground for himâ€â€

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