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    Bucky Ramone

    Take the lyrics of a well-known Dinosaur Jr. song, use them as input for this website and you end up with:

    abnormal scene of ** of equipment-towards outside **, of that abnormal
    chain ‘ with the eye you nevertheless who with very you stop order t
    of v considers fact that weirdness of est always, v, whereas that
    escav very too much, weirdness of the river of the order between this
    roasted meat we deix, everything exactly that latta an opinion for
    julg, of that we not it scene of acredit, why nonexpert, that poss and
    est fresh, we them poss straight-line of the version? abnormal chain
    of ** of equipment-towards outside ** ‘ with the eye until, the
    mountain range nevertheless I with very you you stop order of v that
    done of which weirdness est always, whereas that escav very too much,
    exactly requests weirdness of the river between the roasted meats that
    we stopped deix, everything to him one who opinion of latta for julg,
    of that we nonscene of acredit, why expert, that poss and est fresh,
    we poss straight-line of fa1c nonv? the time of ** of ** of ** of **
    of equipment-towards outside ** of ** of equipment-towards outside **
    by the outer time of ** for the relative kiss of the part therefore
    then cred if the way for richied us vist that how much uniform
    potentiometer of the work of the confidence does not stop the PLUG of
    WATER-DRAINAGE d oh this dispersion per right time of the vacations
    you do not stop the time of the tremito of the form here not that
    stops pain that you always stop distrugg I for the same will of tomaia
    of I kiss d of the leaf not you ‘ caus if for the necessity a friend



    interesting, den.

    "I love you" is "I, tracks in the water".

    "I am homesick" comes out as "They are nostalgic".

    And my personal favorite, "I want a salad" is "I demand the insalata".

    another toy for me! yay!



    Bucky Ramone

    Hé appeared one, the lucky person appreciates to him! Avergli the safeguard with! Man of

    Original English Text:
    Hey Rosa, glad you liked it!
    Have fun with it!
    den Buck

    <img> <img> <img>

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