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    well. the question sounds quite banal, but this article is a funny read :mrgreen:

    … while reading, I started to think about my personal top 5 songs, but hey, that’s a hard task… :idea: :shock:



    Charming article. I like the part about Jumping Jack Flash. Just a simple B-chord that rocked the nation. Yeah thats what rock and roll is about!



    Whoa, I built my own personal Top 5 list.
    Ok, I didn’t look left or right to think about which songs are the most important in history, or which ones sold the most copies or whatever. This list is about which songs I love the most.
    Of course there are hundreds more songs I love, but if I ask myself which 5 songs I’d take with me to a desert island, it would be these (in no particular order):

    Do nothing – The Specials
    a song that never fails to make me feel happy

    Jangle Town – Nikki Sudden
    It’s such a simple song, simple structure, simple chords, repetitive lyrics, but there’s something about it that catches me completely, anytime I listen to it.

    I don’t Think – Dinosaur Jr
    It’s just a perfect song. I could listen to it many hours in a row – call it my personal mantra… :D (and don’t mix it up with ‘I don’t think so’!)

    You Were Right – Built To Spill
    This one could easily win the prize as the saddest song ever, or the most uplifting? both, if you ask me.

    Where Is My Mind? – The Pixies
    Who would disagree about that this is the coolest song ever?!



    I`ll try to do a top 5 though I`ll leave out a ton of good songs but here goes:

    Dinosaur Jr-The Lung:J`s best guitar solo I think;it`s like a anthem.

    Eleventh Dream Day-Makin Like A Rug or Dream Of A Sleeping Sheep:a tie! 8) Makin has the best chorus in the world and the guitar solo rips;Sleeping Sheep is another personal anthem for me and my view of life and the world,the slide guitar solo would make George Thorogood retire :lol: it`s just so wild.

    Husker Du-Indecision Time:when Bob screams-"You`re a big fucking kid you don`t know what you`re about!"it was like he was talking to me.

    My Bloody Valentine-When You Sleep:another anthem!the little keyboard riff is so catchy!

    Richard Thompson-Calvary Cross:incredible song,Richard said once it was how he felt that music was enslaving him and this song was like a release from it.

    5 songs is`nt enough! so maybe I`ll talk about more another time.



    No Particular Order:

    Dinosaur Jr.-Start Choppin’

    Beatles-She Said

    The Smiths-Ask

    Tiger Trap-Sourgrass

    My Bloody Valentine-When You Sleep



    Its impossible to pick just five, how can I ever do it…. :? :wink:

    Dinosaur Jr-They Always Come

    The Only Ones-Another Girl Another Planet

    Sonics Rendezvous Band-City Slang

    Saints-Private Affair

    Ramones-I Wanna Be Sedated

    I figured out how I could do it…my fav five songs of all time for today, tomorrows a whole new deal :wink:



    Today I feel like this, tomorrow neverknows!

    1) Beach boys / God only knows (this is what songwriting is about)
    2) The Band / Katie’s been gone (yesterday I had to cry about it song so…)
    3) Eels / It’s a motherfucker (What can I say?)
    4) The Beatles / Tomorrow never knows ( the version of the anthology)
    5) Neil Young / Powderfinger (sentimental reasons, only the starting chord is enough..look out mama!!!)

    Maybe we should make this tread on a weekly /monthly bases, best songs are developing all the time.

    "" Going to a desert Island in april, I take five songs """"


    buckingham rabbit

    after some deliberation and hesitation, I decided upon:

    modern lovers–roadrunner

    dinosaur jr–raisans

    game theory–erica’s word

    pavement–gold soundz

    television personalities–silly girl


    Bucky Ramone

    Modern Lovers – Roadrunner
    Dinosaur Jr. – The Wagon
    Neu – E-Musik
    the Triffids – Trick of the light
    Television – Marquee Moon

    …..well I think this list is valid for about 10 seconds….. :twisted:


    Television – Marquee Moon

    I’ve been thinking about adding that one!



    Prince – Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)
    Prince – The Beautiful Ones
    Palace – Kid Of Harith
    Gore Slut – Lisa Drugstore
    Kiss My Jazz – Lovers & Place



    …eyes closed diving in

    Pavement – Summer Babe (any version)
    Dinosaur Jr. – Not you again
    Modest Mouse – Sleepwalking
    Wilco – I am trying to break your heart
    Jimi Hendrix – Bold as Love


    Long Distance Drunk

    dino–little fury things
    karl hendricks trio–some girls like cigarettes
    built to spill–car (live)
    modest mouse–breakthrough
    flaming lips–fight test



    It’s hard to pick just five songs but if I did They would be……………
    1. Fight test-The flaming Lips
    2. Stephen Malkmus- Sheets
    3. guided by voices-Teenage FBI
    4. Ani Difranco- not a pretty girl :oops:
    5. ani Difranco- Untouchable face

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