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    Liebe Freunde
    As I moved from Berlin to Hamburg a couple of weeks ago I had to lug my CD/record collection with me and I was amazed how much had accumulated over the years and also how little of it I still listen to and I don´t just mean the Dead Kennedys (seven years ago the voice of Jello Biafra became unbearable for me). Even Goodspeed you black Emperor seem to gather dust somewhere in the back. I mean, when I heard the Skinny Wrists album for the first time it really did something for me, but nowadays I seem to prefer something a bit more, hmmm, shall we say undemanding. Same with Trumans Water (do people in all honesty still listen to them on a regular basis?) and Mudhoney. Is that just me or do those bands don´t stand the test of time?
    Have you many records from bands that you used to like so much and still know to be good but simply can´t bring yourself to listen to anymore?
    Well here is my list (in brackets the number of records I own by said bands).
    1) Nomeansno (11)
    2) the Fall (9)
    3) Felt (15)
    4) Fugazi (6)
    5) Ride (5)
    6) Wipers (8)
    7) Nick Cave (6)
    8) Pastels (12)
    9) Throwing Muses (7)
    10 Jesus and the Marychain (7)

    to end this on positive note I will list some of the bands that I listen to since I got into music and still love to death (Dinosaur Jr. as always out of competition).

    1 Pixies *
    2 Wedding Present
    3 Ramones (76-80)
    4 Sonic Youth
    5 My Bloody Valentine
    6 Stereolab *
    7 Velvet Underground
    8 Blondie
    9 Buzzcocks
    10 Violent Femmes

    * came in the a couple of years later.
    who do you think stood the test of time and who doesn´t?



    Little Brit band named the Beatles – I think people have still heard of them so I guess they’ve stood the test of time. [img]images/smiles/converted/rolleyes.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/converted/tongue.gif[/img]

    But seriously:

    Velvet Underground

    No onths stand up as well as though, in my estimations.




    My list that has stood the test of time includes…

    The Stooges
    The Ramones
    New York Dolls
    Heartbreakers…Johnny Thunders kind
    Sonic Youth
    Husker Du
    Damned…the first four

    The ones that haven’t stood the test of time…

    The Fall…lost me after live at the witch trials
    Soul Asylum…bland at its best
    The Cure

    Thats all I can think of, I sometimes pull out some Cure but I bet its not even once a year. Don’t count JAMC out D, sometimes it can be just the right sound. I recently pulled it all out and its really been working well for me lately.

    Only really like a couple of Beatles songs…Paul McCartney…ick [img]images/smiles/converted/eek.gif[/img] Never a Zeppelin fan.

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/dizzy.gif[/img]


    Bucky Ramone

    Some bands and artists that have stood the test of time (based on concerts seen this year):

    Sonic Youth (still one the coolest rock-bands, great show at the Paradiso in Amsterdam)
    Neil Young (saw the guy live two times in Rotterdam this year, amazing! Pity that his recorded output has become a little dodgy the last couple of years….)
    Steve Wynn (concert of the year in the small upstairs hall at the Paradiso and he has made one of the best albums of this year…)

    …and there are a lot of bands who haven’t stood the test of time, may they rest in peace!



    I think alot of bands didn’t quite "stand up to the test of time" in that they were not consistantly popular, but bands that later on (post-career) were recognized for how revolutionary they were. Any thoughts on that?



    dimpfelmoser`s list:
    Nomeansno-never liked them
    The Fall-they recorded way too much,I agree with you on them.
    Felt-never heard anything by them
    Fugazi-they do seem to repeat themselves on each record,when I listen to their live stuff,alot of tunes sound alike.Their first 2 ep`s is their finest moment.
    Ride-I kinda agree with you there
    Wipers-heard very little by them
    Nick Cave-ditto
    Pastels-never heard anything by them
    Throwing Muses-The first album is a classic,everything else is uneven.
    JAMC-heard very little by them too;I don`t live in a place with good music stores.

    Pixies-one of the first bands I listened to in this kind of music,great band.
    Wedding Present-heard very little by them
    Ramones-their early stuff:classiclasssicclassic.
    Sonic Youth-always great,except jet set trash.
    MBV-when I first heard Loveless,I thought it was the album of the century.
    Stereolab-always cool;in a Astrud meets Sun Ra way.
    VU-one of my alltime favs.
    Blondie-good but is it really essential?I really dig Yo La Tengo`s cover of `Dreaming`though.
    Buzzcocks-Pete Shelley was amazing.
    Violent Femmes-never was that into them.

    Jaron`s list:

    Beatles-I don`t listen to them much,I listened to them too much when I was 14 and burned myself out.My sister always thought they sucked.
    Zeppelin-Doug from BTS,his advice on listening to them is "phase out Plant".(Allison-I told my sister about your calling Plant rubber Plant,she`s still laughing.)
    VU-totally agree with you on them.Always worth hearing.

    Allison`s list:

    Stooges-classic and essential
    Ramones-ditto,for their early stuff
    Dolls-never heard enough by them,I almost bought their first album last year,should have got it.
    Heartbreakers-heard a couple of tunes by them,very cool.
    Sonic Youth-like I said great except jet set.
    JAMC-I have`nt seen to many records by them here,so I have`nt heard too much.
    Husker Du-we know who my fav band after Dinosaur is?they are.
    Damned-have`nt heard enough by them to judge but from what I read about them,their pretty important;Rat Scabies has a new electro jazz project that`s cool,has some jazzy drumming from Rat.did`nt the drummer from Pink Floyd produce one of their early albums?

    From me:
    I need some time to look through stuff but here`s one:

    Meat Puppets-Too High To Die-liked it when it came out but not to into it now.



    Hey Salamiguy,

    Hard choice on that list, probably didn’t include all I could but hey its a start.

    The Rubber Plant thing, I laugh every time I say it or hear it… [img]images/smiles/converted/rofl.gif[/img] The Damned are playing in Vancouver on Sept 21 minus the Rat. Apparently he got caught trying to sell the catalogue on the side [img]images/smiles/converted/eek.gif[/img]

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/dizzy.gif[/img]

    ps LAMF by the Heartbreakers…amazing whoops forgot this part….The pink floyd guy did the second Damned Music For Pleasure



    Here`s some of my fav bands that have stood the test of time:
    Dinosaur Jr.
    Husker Du
    Buffalo Tom
    My Bloody Valentine
    Uncle Tupelo
    Eric`s Trip
    11th Dream Day
    Yo La Tengo
    Tom Waits
    Sonic Youth
    Velvet Underground
    Sleater Kinney
    Palace Brothers
    Richard Buckner
    Bettie Serveert

    in terms of bands that have`nt:
    Matthew Sweet

    I`ll try to come up with more,my albums I don`t like thread connects to this.



    I will comment on a few bands and you can decide for youselves if a) they stand the test of time or if b) I am insane for liking them all in some respect. The list and comments:
    1. Joni Mitchell. Her works are some of the most muscially and lyrically challenging to come across in modern music. Sadly, I think she has smoked one too many cigarettes over the years. Compare Blue to Taming the Tiger.
    2. Metallica. Sorry guys, but I still think everything before the Black album drew from most of the harder punk bands mentioned in the earlier posts in this thread. See Garage Days Rerevisted or Garage Inc. Now, they are a parody of themselves. I am sad to see greed take such a toll on a group.
    3. Naked Raygun. They have been compared to the Buzzcocks, who I haven’t yet heard. I have loved Raygun since first listen, just like J. Had they only hung on just a year or two more, I think they could have been quite the force in a more widely known sense, especially with the Pumpkins blowing Chicago’s scene open like they did.
    4. Bad Religion. I didn’t care much for their earlier albums, too much damn noise and speed. On the album New America, I was impressed. You can understand all the lyrics, the melodies are catchy and the ethic still remains.
    4. Misfits. Go ahead and tell me the Danzig stuff was not groundbreaking. I wouldn’t care even if you did. The newer stuff packs quite a whollop of its own, but they are either verging on or have arrived at a good thing being done to death
    5. Johnny Cash. The guy is flat out amazing. I know, I know, he is the favorite country start for alt rock folks to bandwagon, but the truth is the guy can paint pictures with his lyrics, much like Joni. See God, Love, and Murder. Nuff Said.
    7. Dolly Parton. Go ahead, laugh some more. If you pick up her new bluegrass album, Little Sparrow, you’ll understand.
    8. Laura Nyro. She has a 2 CD set out called Stone Soul Picnic that was incredibile. She managed to cover some many different genres of her time and to do it all with equal talent. She is missed.
    9. Pennywise. They ripped it up on Unknown Road back in the early 90’s. For about 4 years, I stopped listening to them. Then Straight Ahead came out in 1999 and the only difference to me is that they got muscially tighter in their playing and the lyrics are a socio-political agitator’s dream.
    PS. I was thinking about Jawbox a month or so ago and decided to look them up and was sad to see they disbanded. For Your Own Special Sweethart was a goldmine. They were very creative and powerful. Sorry for the mini novel, a tad.



    Dolly Parton rules! (really)
    Bad Religion became a bit of a joke after suffer me thinks. Well, teacher has a go at punk rock. Rarely works.
    Kids, what is wrong with Experimental Jet set. I thought it was a return to form after Dirty. Songs too short or what?
    Actually my first record ever was the red album from the Beatles. I was eight or so and had just seen Yellow Submarine and Help on the telly which I really enjoyed and the red album was the only record that had both titlesongs on them (the only songs I knew by name then). In the course of the next year I got all of their records and listened to not much else until I discovered the Rolling Stones when I was ten. So all Beatles tunes are still way too familiar to me. I mean, they are all so catchy, that even if you havent heard them for ages, you can still sing along, which makes them sort of boring.
    Salamigguy, I agree to most of the records you dismissed (well the ones I know). Will try to come back to that in greater detail.
    Jesus and the Marychain, well, I know that Psycocandy is such a classic, but if I put in on nowadays it really sounds contrived and old fashioned to me.
    Sleater Kinney aren’t going for so long, or are they. I saw them together with Bis a couple of years ago and thought the voice was a bit irritating after the first 30 minutes.
    More later

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    Bucky Ramone

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR> dimpfelmoser wrote:
    Jesus and the Marychain, well, I know that Psycocandy is such a classic, but if I put in on nowadays it really sounds contrived and old fashioned to me <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    The follow-up Darklands was their real classic, I still play that a lot, one of the best guitar-pop albums ever and it still sounds great……




    Darklands is great, not surprising Psychocandy sounds kinda old…it was made in 1985, but contrived…. [img]images/smiles/converted/eek.gif[/img] I just love Barbed Wire Kisses as well, don;t listen to much after that…never listen to Automatic. Do enjoy that Cracking Up single though [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]

    Salamiguy I am with you on the Sloan thing…huge disappointment

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/dizzy.gif[/img]

    ps after another listen Automatic is the only one I don’t care for….Honey’s Dead…WOW
    it sometimes pays to revisit old discs [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]



    Halfman-I got into the speedpunk bands a couple of years ago,Bad Religion,Pennywise,Lagwagon,Face To Face,MxPx,etc. and out of all of them Face To Face impressed me the most,did`nt like their attempt at being a alt rock band with Ignorance Is Bliss but I guess Reactionary was a return to their punk sound,I have`nt heard it so tell if it`s good if you have heard it.The other bands I like some of their tunes but generally got bored with the whole speedpunk thing after a while,I think playing slow is more intense if you ask me.
    Dolly Parton? If I want to hear female country singers I`d rather Iris DeMent(who can bring me to tears with some of her tunes like"Our Town"),Lucinda Williams(Essence is one of my fav albums of the year),or Gillian Welch(still don`t have her new album yet).Dolly is talented and I`m not trying to diss her but I don`t think I`d listen to her much.
    Joni? A great songwriter but in terms of her voice I`m not too crazy about,I respect her creative moves of having jazz musicians on her albums and recording a tribute to Charles Mingus,my fav jazz musician.
    Jawbox were amazing,very intellegent band,if you get Launch.com working Halfman check out the 3 Jawbox videos.
    Misfits?-They`re come back seems to be a parody of themselves,maybe on par with Kiss reunions,their better days are behind them and they know it but still try to fool the fans in thinking they`re worth while.The Stones are the worst offenders.This is just my opinion,if you think otherwise it`s ok with me.
    Johnny Cash-amazing man,real country music is violent,passionate,spooky,honest music,not that friggin happy stuff which litters country radio today.

    Allison-Sloan was a big disappointment,they were local heroes here who were all ex punks,now on the radio you can hear them chose their fav Rod Stewart songs,disgusting.
    they also got into a Beatles rip off which wasn`t very good.One of their tunes off their 2nd album begins like "Little Furry Things",with the same drum fill;Murph should have got a patent on that I guess.



    Well, by the time Darklands was recorded Bobby G had already left to form Primal Scream and the whole thing was recorded with a drumcomputer which doesn´t really suit the music I think and I saw Jesus and the Marychain around that time which was really weird. You know, three guys with guitars in front of a curtain performing to a drummachine. Well Rock´n´Roll purist that I was back then, I thought that was completly out of order. I mean, it coulnd´t be to hard to find someone who drummed as bad as Bobby Gillespie. Barbed Wire is ok though.
    In regard to the really interesting list by halfman, I just put in the survivers for good measure. Basically you got the same suspects we had a couple of months ago when we tried to decide on the most influential bands. Well, I was willing to have a small bet that Allison would list the Stooges and Hüsker Dü (can’t do the Umlaut, can you?) as bands that would stand the test of time. But what I really want to know is about the bands that you can´t stand anymore, though once you thought they were the bees knees.


    Bucky Ramone

    Sorry to correct you, Dimpfelmoser, but Darklands was recorded with a real drummer (John Moore). On Automatic they were using the drum-computer for the first time, it has two great songs on it ("Blues from a gun" and "Head on") but the rest is quite uninspired….

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