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    check it out: http://www.thesyn.com/college/general2/mascis_tracks.asp

    Lets Go 2 Church


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    J. Mascis &
    The Fog

    The end finally came in 1997.

    Fourteen years after they’d first emerged from the backwoods of Amherst, Mass., blasting out a new blueprint for underground rock, Dinosaur Jr were shut down by their own laconic frontman J. Mascis. Hand It Over, Dinosaur Jr’s last LP (and seventh in-studio recording), might have been a blistering re-affirmation of just why they’d had such a shattering impact on the preceding decade. However, in the words of Mascis himself, the band had "just kinda … run its course."

    By then, of course, Dinosaur Jr had already turned Mascis into an iconic figure. His uncompromising manifesto of brute volume and snaking guitar histrionics had already revolutionized the musical landscape of the early 90’s. It was Mascis who introduced the U.S. hardcore scene to guitar solos, and it was Mascis who, alongside The Pixies, laid the foundations from which grunge was later to blossom.

    Along the way, Mascis became an unlikely figure of hero worship. Sonic Youth legendarily immortalized him on their 1988 hit single "Teen Age Riot," while four years later, he was co-opted by British noisemakers when he was invited on the Rollercoaster Tour (1992) with The Jesus & Mary Chain, Blur and My Bloody Valentine. Even now, his influence is still discernible in the wired fuzz of countless imitators. J, himself, remains at a loss to explain why.

    "I was, y’know … ripping off other people," he confesses. "I never thought what I was doing was very innovative … I was just trying to make something that … I wanted to listen to."

    It’s an ideal he’s adhering to even now. As soon as the dust settled on Dinosaur Jr, Mascis realised he just wanted to "make another record and see what happens." He dutifully retreated to his house in Amherst, and from October 1998 to June 1999, J set about constructing a new LP at Bob’s Place, the basement studio named after his dog.

    J is hazy about the details, but we do know that it features vocal contributions from Guided By Voices’ Bob Pollard — J sent him the tapes and Pollard recorded vocals to three tracks ("Same Day," "All the Girls" and "I’m Not Fine"). My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields also lent his musical talents and contributed vocals and percussion to "Does The Kiss Fit," played guitar on "Ground Me to You," "All The Girls," "More Light" and the tambourine on the LP’s lead single, "Where’d You Go."

    Shields spent seven weeks holed up with Mascis alonside engineer Andy Wilkinson. J can’t remember precisely what they did, but he does recall the Bob’s Place kind of freaked them out. "Yeah, I don’t know how they liked being held prisoner in the woods." he laughs. "We had to go to New York, every week — back to civilization. Where I live isn’t really remote, but a lot of people can’t handle it — especially if they’re used to living in the city."

    The result is More Light, a record J insists is inspired by "the same groups as always" (by which he means The Stooges, Traffic, The Zombies and "pretty much all punk and hardcore"), but which sounds fresher than anything he’s done for years. From the moment "Same Day" blasts from the speakers in a daze of reverberating feedback, it’s a record that re-establishes Mascis’ reputation for intense volume and pure melody. It’s also the first album that he’s released with his new band, The Fog — a name that came from "nowhere in particular" and which he thought "sounded cool." At the moment, it’s also a band with no one in it.

    Yeah, those finer details are being ironed out, Mascis is also keeping himself busy with some other projects. He just finished work on another Alison Anders’ movie called Things Behind the Sun. In the movie, J plays the drummer of a band, along with on the The Go-Go’s brothers and the two McDonald Brothers from Redd Kross. He also made an appearance recently with the Saturday Night Live house band (show was hosted by Christopher Walken) and performed the old Dinosaur Jr tune "Out There" (from 1993’s Where You Been). The performance presumably offered welcome respite to the show’s other musical guest, Christina Aguilera.

    Aside from all that, J’s still improving Bob’s Place, and contemplating the space time continuum. Meanwhile, settle back with More Light.

    It’s there that you’ll find what’s really going on, because it’s there — swamped in fuzzed-out power chords and zigzagging guitar solos — that J Mascis is at his most eloquent.

    Are U Out There Cuz I See Scary Things Across The Water

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