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    “The three of them go way back. To high school, in fact. In a 2008 interview posted on the Sub Pop web site, Megan Jasper describes an early encounter with the future indie rock guitar god, who she called “Chemo Boy” (“because he cut chunks out of his hair right to the scalp.”) Said Megan: “We didn’t quite care for each other at first. I thought he was a freak and he thought that I was kind of gross. The first time he came to our house, he got in a screaming match with my mom. The visit ended with J standing at the front door yelling, ‘YOU’RE FUCKED!’ to my mom… However, in time he became close friends not only with my sister but with the whole family and now we refer to him as, the ‘third Jasper sister.’ Whenever he and my mom are together, my mom will say that if you’re looking for J he’ll be in one of two places — to her right or to her left.”

    Full Article – http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/awkward-j-mascis-interview-explained-160559

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