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    up here in semi-rmote alaska we have to wait for the good movies.. we have a theater but it only plays one movie at a time. harry potter just left, now we have shrek 3 .. i hope simpsons is next.. ive heard it is a great movie with a lot of laughs.


    "built_to_spill " wrote:
    Yes, indeedy. My son is counting the hours…


    My kid were also………………they went on the opening day. When they came home, they said they laughed. My son said there is a brief moment when you see Bart completely in the nude…….and that it was a bit awkward for him. His sisters just laughed.

    My favorite homer line was a show I heard once and Marge was asking Homer why he was still at home. I can’t remember the exact dialog but it goes something like this:

    Marge: Homer, you are still at home…….you should have left half an hour ago, you’re going to be late for work.

    Homer: No, Marge, I’m not going to work today……….they told me if I was late one more time, I’ll be fired.
    I can’t risk that.

    the kids were watching it on TV links on the kitchen computer and It was a laugh out loud moment for me for sure.


    Marge: Homer, you are still at home…….you should have left half an hour ago, you’re going to be late for work.

    Homer: No, Marge, I’m not going to work today……….they told me if I was late one more time, I’ll be fired.
    I can’t risk that.

    My boss decided to put a roof on the construction site when I kept asking for the sunny days off. ::)
    I wouldn’t be suprised if the plot was already broadcast on a regular epiosde.


    K7 Rides Again

    So apparently I started this post over 6 yrs ago in anticipation of a Simpsons movie coming out. Here it finally is, and I have yet to see it. I think the last 5-7 of just pure crap…uneventful episodes, unimaginitive plots, and predictable after predictable low brow groin jokes have pretty much ruined it for me.

    Do they die at the end? Retire? I sure hope so. As much as I love this show, it is time to put them to bed.

    I heard if you liked the early years, you’ll hate the movie and if you liked the later years, you’ll love the movie. Haven’t seen much of comments here either way. Any one seen it? What did you think?



    It was real funny until the complications arose. After that it was just a good movie. Best thing I have ever seen in a threatre.
    Who else saw it? Lisa got downplayed but she was still awesome.

    fixed link


    fata morgana

    Cute. I’m waiting for the video.



    The movie was ok. I suffered from high expectations, I think. Get ready for the SEQUEL!



    The film was alright, not brilliant but better than some of the episodes as of late.

    I found one of the most annoying things was that all of the really funny parts had been shown in adverts/TV spots and such so when I got there, whilst they were funny I kind of felt like I’d seen them all. ::)

    And then the storyline was bad. And not only that but they reused stuff from previous seasons. The Ned/Bart thing for instance was already covered in season 5 or 6.

    On the bright side, Danny Boyle’s "Sunshine" arrived on my doorstep this morning. :D



    I really liked the Simpson’s movie. Maybe the low expectations helped me. I actually thought the story was well written. It may have not been Your Living All Over Me, but it certainly wasn’t Without A Soundy.


    erin the great

    Me and my boyfriend saw it, and I was actually pretty sick the whole time. Maybe that was why I hated it? But seriously, the first half an hour was enjoyable, then as soon as they all went to Alaska it started getting really moronic.



    I think its meh. Theres some funny stuff, like ‘i like men now’ but thats mostly it. Stick to the episodes, I say.



    I liked the movie. I hated the last 7 or so Simpsons seasons, but the movie was definitely a nod to classic Simpsons. I enjoyed it.



    K7 Rides Again

    Once again, incredibly disappointed. Thank god I saw it at the supersaver or I would ask for my money back.

    The humor (in my opinion) was indicative of the typical lame, uninspired, and unimaginative writing of the last 6-7 seasons.

    They took an extra long scene with a variety of well placed and interesting cover-ups only to finally expose Bart’s penis. Why waist all that creativity only to actually show it. The scene would have actually been better if they didn’t show it. That’s the beauty of the gag. At any moment you may see it, but never actually do. The writers have exchanged humor for shock value. There’s a difference.

    Use of needless and not very well placed profanity. Marge cussing and Homer flicking every one off. Once again, shock factor, no creativity. The Simpsons of old could have pulled off the middle finger scene with some other gag, created a similar effect, and had far better results. In early episodes, the writers got away with saying things like ‘bitch’ and ‘hell’, because they were dropped into well crafted scenes. The shock factor was there, but the placement and surrounding dialogue were well written. Now they say things just to say them and for no other reason.

    EX) When Santa’s Little Helper impregnants another dog, Bart explains that "Nothing has been the same since his [Santa’s Little Helpers’s] bitch moved in. Marge screams "BART!" to which he replies "Well that’s what she is. I looked it up in the dictionary."

    That is classic! You have the shock value, but the supporting dialogue and manipulation of the setting to pull it off the joke. Now they would say bitch just to say bitch.

    And then they had President Schwarzeneggar who was clearly Rainier Wolfcastle. Wouldn’t it have been better to have President Wolfcastle? I mean, that’s the joke right? Wolfcastle parallels Schwarzeneggar? So why wouldn’t you have Wolfcastle as the acting president since Schwarzeneggar want’s to change the law around foreign born citizens becoming president?

    I don’t know, 2 thumbs down in my opinion. I honestly hoped the movie would be the grand finale, an excellent opportunity to present a grandeous episode and thank all the viewers for years of watching and laughs, but they seem to still be making episodes. :-



    awe, ya didn’t like it. I haven’t seen a Simpsons episode in over 6 years, maybe that’s why i thought it was ok. I guess they were wise not to pass out remote controls at the movie. :-

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