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    After fighting with the integration of forums into the site for way too long I have made a decision to move away from phpbb in the coming days and port the data over to a new platform.
    The good news. The site is actually going to be a site again.

    The bad news – where you may be impacted…
    – Private messages will not be ported. I will keep a mirror of the forum up somewhere incase you have any info that you wanted to get out but would prefer you go ahead and capture any info you may want from the PM inbox over the next few days.
    – That sentence was really long
    – It is a different platform – the look and even the flow will be different but the content (other than PM’s) will be there



    Sounds good. Looking forward to it. :D



    Don’t say I did not warn you!

    Private messages will be gone….

    Pruning some dead users and dead / categories / and posts before porting too…….



    Forum converted and live – this is just phase 1 of the site rebirth though….

    Let me know if you have any problems
    You can login with your old forum credentials or your facebook, twitter, google or open id accounts if you like. One less pw to keep up with!



    Seems pretty cool so far, just need to get used to the new layout. Is there going to be a link to the site as a whole though with album pages, info, etc.? Or will it just remain the board as we know it? Otherwise looking forward to the change.



    It will be the full site – discography, tabs, lyrics and such. Hoping to curate a lot of the gear knowledge that has been posted on the boards to make a page dedicated to equipment too..


    Hairy Cornflake


    sounds like a lot of work!



    Long overdue work 🙂
    I have actually drafted up version of the site multiple times and ended up tossing it away. This time it is going live because it is slowly driving me mad working like that.
    I also hope to integrate all of @garrrr’s fantastic concert chronology so that it is not lost.



    I’m going to be consolidating a few categories today. The posts will still be here, just in different groupings. I have already done a couple

    just FYI



    sorry – caught a bug and had to revert to the vanilla vanilla theme 😉
    The other one was just a placeholder anyway… Don’t get too comfortable with it for change is a comin’



    alright – what are your thoughts on the way the forum page should be presented upon entry? What makes more sense to you guys or do you care?

    Preview here and let me know –
    Discussions (what we have now)

    All Categories (Sort of what we have had here in the past)

    Categories and Discussions

    Also I went through and added a crap-ton of redirects so old links in threads to other threads on the site should now resolve to the new address. (old phpbb & smf links from our old forums). I saw a bunch of incoming 404 errors from google and such so thought it was time to address all of those.

    From one of our phpBB era:

    From the SMF era:

    let me know if you catch any more….



    I like the Categories and Discussions best.
    Freakscene.net is getting better and better!
    Just noticed the new discography section.

    Thank You Jeremiah!



    Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    I am going to try to get the rest of the discography and more lyrics up this week – just takes time to format and everything.
    Let me know if you catch anything I need to fix.

    Also, I left comments on for albums & lyrics as well. Do you think that is a good idea? My thought was that most of us have something to say about them anyway and it would attache it to whatever we were talking about.



    Yeah, I think it’s good. Since noone knows the real lyrics people can come up with new inputs in the comments.



    If any of you are having trouble logging in let me know – [email protected]
    If you have created another account because you could not log in I should be able to sync the accounts up so that all your posts are credited to whichever account you decide to keep.

    Also, if you were logged in to the forum before the transition, log out and log back in to complete your profile update if you have not already.


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