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    where did the pickle song come from? what album/era?


    Bucky Ramone

    Hi rrr,

    It’s from the ‘Take a run at the sun’ single (1997):

    Take A Run at the Sun
    Don’t you Think it’s Time?
    The Pickle Song



    thank you so much. that’s one of the few officially released dino release i haven’t heard. i downloaded "the pickle song" and just cracked up. wondered what use it could be.

    take a run at the sun was just a single? was that song for a soundrack or something? was it before or after ‘hand it over’? if it was after, i guess it was the last official release with the dino name, huh.


    Bucky Ramone

    "Take a run…." is from the "Grace of my Heart" soundtrack (and listed as a J. Mascis track, just as it is on the ‘Ear Bleeding Country’ compilation), the single was release under the Dinosaur Jr. name.

    ….don’t know if the single was release before or after ‘Hand it over’, but I am sure that there are freaks ;) out there who do know…..



    Heres a discography RD put up, no dates but think you’ll get the picture…Discography :aliensmile:

    Love that disc, makes me smile every single time :!:

    Grace Of My Heart :mrgreen:




    the european warner release of "hand it over" had an additonal disc 2 "take a run at the sun" plus two bonus songs. "don’t you think it’s time" and "the pickle song". as well as a booklet with some review written by Byron Coley.

    As far as I can remember the "grace of my heart"- soundtrack cd doesn’t have the "pickle song", but it is played at some point in the movie.



    thanks, simmons, dB and everyone
    :) … lots of details I didn’t know
    never heard that pickle song, hope I’ll get to hear it once :p


    Pelt Sematary

    Yeah, "The Pickle Song", if I remember correctly, is quite a crucial song in the film, as it marks the point, where the main character, a Brian-Wilson-type played by Matt Dillon finally cracks up. He plays this song to his bandmates, and everybody thinks he’s nuts…everybody, (hope my recollection is right) except the sound engineer, played by…J Mascis! He says something like "It’s great and you know it…". Hope I didn’t mix that up w/ "Don’t you think it’s time", been some time since I last saw the film, but either way: it’s really nice! Also the booklet for the "Grace of my Heart" soundtrack has the lyrics toi every song on it, including "Take a run…" & "Don’t you think…" So, there…

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