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    Thought this was pretty cool in general but posted it here as opposed to open topic since it has the Dresch/Dino Link [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]



    The Just like Heaven single would`nt make sense since Lou sung "Chunks";or was that J?
    it sounds like Lou,same kinda voice as on "Don`t".



    What Dino. Jr. album did Donna play on?She was`nt listed on Green Mind.I thought she never recorded with J,except maybe live bootlegs,is this a mistake?
    More notes in reference to that map:
    Mary Timony was in a band in DC called Autoclave.
    Heather Dunn played drums with the reunited Raincoats a few years ago.
    Built To Spill`s Ralph Youtz,their old drummer,I think his sister is married to Doug Marsch.

    lot of stuff I did`nt know like Sam Coomes was in Heatmiser?
    Rebbeca Gates was in the Cradle Robbers?
    Mary Timony was in Dumptruck?

    great find Jeremiah!



    I heard a interview with 5th column,Donna was`nt in the band at that point but they mentioned her.
    Another footnote to that map,in the 80`s in Eugene Oregon there was a hardcore band called Snakepit,it included Mike Johnson,Bill Karren;who went on to be in Bikini Kill,Joe Preston;who later joined the Melvins and Earth,and Al Larson;who later had a band called Some Velvet Sidewalk.



    Never saw that movie,gonna have to see it one day.I have a magazine from 97 that has an add of it on the back.Flop played on that too I think,they were cool.Ditto for the Fastbacks.

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