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    Randy Jane

    DUDE!!!!! I just got the new one today, (the one with Nirvana on the cover) and read all of the part that wasnt the interview, (youll understand when you get a copy…and you should)……but I still havent got through the interview with Krist. I made it half way through the first page and couldnt read anymore, it hit really hard close to home. I was deeply reminded of the friend I had who I started my band with (who left to go to the Navy). I have never been that way with anything I have read before, but I started to cry on both parts, Kurt, and Jack (my friend). I laid the book down and my guitar screamed out old Nirvana songs and Alligator Grief songs (our first band together….back in like 7th and 8th grade). It was totally the most emotional performance I have ever done. I still find home (one track tape player) recordings of stuff we did way back when. I know you probably didnt expect to get a story like this with the name, but it’s good to know that I can get out my feelings in some other form than a song. Thanks guys/girls. -Eric R. Shupe.

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